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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

International House of Paincakes Blog Network

Well it's here. The first blogger group to insult you whilst demanding your servitutde. And it has fire on its main page. Awesome. Setup by Dethtron and Lauby this network has grabbed quite a fair few of the 'high profile' bloggers out there and is looking to make a blog group for table top games of all dimensions and positions. As I'm sure many of you have noted of late, the blogosphere is rife with posts about competitive and fluffy gamers in 40k/Fantasy. A lot of these posts are about getting along and this flaming blog network is all about that (er, I meant we all live in the same boat). So check it out, get your blog on it and check other blogs through it. We all play the same games and here's a network that has competitive and fluffy sides to it.

Go. Now.

Oh wait, you need a link!

International House of Paincakes

7 pinkments:

Lauby said...

sadly, the flames had to be put out. Severe eye damage was becoming an increasingly common complaint.

But we're till awesome and I recommend jumping on board and helping us do this right.

Chumbalaya said...

I liked the flame :(

Brent said...

I liked the flame too - I think it was there to weed out the weedy!

GMort. said...

I too like fire.

Fortunately I'm undergoing psychological counselling to deal with that...

Lauby said...

poor flames... they will be missed by us at least.

They may make an appearance in a more limited capacity.

who knows.

well I do. But not you. ITS A MYSTERY!

Gx1080 said...

Too used to YouTube's user channels to get bothered by flames.

Dethtron said...


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