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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mistake Mondays: Bitey and Stabby Edition


#1: Only One Number One
Hive Tyrants can only use one psychic power per turn, even though they are allowed to shoot two guns per turn. (Excepting the Swarmlord, of course.)

#2: Choose Your Own...
Most powers and abilities (bar those that are psychic shooting attacks) can target units that locked in close combat. This includes Catalyst, Swarm Leader, etc. Similarly, these rules/abilities are allowed to target the originating unit if you so choose.

#3: Units Behaving Badly
Models under the effects of Instinctive Behavior: Feed are subject to Rage and must therefore move directly towards the nearest enemy unit and may not shoot. Models subject to IB: Lurk are not allowed to move and must shoot the nearest visible enemy (or Run towards area terrain, if nothing is visible). Know which of your units are which.

#4: Minimum Safe Distance
Biovores and Harpies only spawn units of Spore Mines if their blast scatters at least 6" from every unit. Spore Mines explode when they touch an enemy, die, or come within 2" of an enemy model in the movement phase.

#5: Toxic Love
Units with Poisoned attacks reroll wounds if their Strength is equal to or greater than the enemy's toughness.

#6: Big Momma's House
Tervigons can spawn Termagants even if they are locked in close combat, but must do so before moving in the Movement phase. All 'Gants must be placed with part of their base within 6" of the Tervigon, after which both units can act normally. If a Tervigon dies, you may take armor saves, Feel No Pain, or cover saves (if applicable) against the hits.

#7: My Cetic Spore
Mycetic Spores can (must, even) shoot the turn they arrive. Enemies in B2B will strike at I1 and may not take armor saves, thanks to their having Lash Whips and being Monstrous Creatures.

#8: Soul Brother
The Doom of Malan'tai gains wounds for every wound it inflicts, no matter how; this includes close combat wounds and shooting as well as its aura. Wounds inflicted by combat resolution (No Retreat!, sweeping advance) are not made by the Doom itself and do not count, nor do Perils in the Warp tests (either for it or an opponent).

#9: A Little Below Blue Book
AP- weapons (but not close combat attacks) have a -1 penalty on the vehicle damage table, which includes Devourers of all varieties, Cluster Spines, Ripper Tentacles, Flesh Hooks, and most varieties of Thorax Swarms.

#10: "Close The Roof, Will Ya, Hal?"
Venom Cannons, and their Heavy cousins, do not suffer a vehicle chart penalty against Open-Topped vehicles. (This combines with the +1 bonus on the chart for shooting such a vehicle, making them rather vulnerable, as they often have low AVs.)

2 pinkments:

Kirby said...

You should of made number 1) DoM cannot kill things inside transports. It's against the rules. Oh wait, they even FAQ'd it. =D

Dethtron said...

crap, I totally forgot that spores have lash whips. Wish I'd remembered that in my last game, there was a ton of daemon on spore fighting action. :(

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