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Friday, August 13, 2010

PM in: Hi Kirby Huge FAN!!!

"I've been reading you blog for awhile now and love it ! I'm trying to get a better tyranid list together as I'm having a horrible time with a guy who plays witch hunters. He's very mechanized (7-9 atleast) and runs alot of flamers and special anti psyker stuff. Games are 1750-2000pts and so far it has been all kill points. My last list had 2 tervigons and made ample termagants that were propmptly turned into kill points

I just converted a carnifex into a Tyrannofex and added 4 hive guard and 2 zoans.

My updated list list as follows(or atleast close ):

HQ-prime, bs, dev
prime, BS/LW, dev

elite-x2 hive guard
x2 hive guard
x zoanthropes w/ spore

x7 genestealer, TS
x8 genestealers, TS
x13 termagants/w spore
Tervigon, catalyst

Tyrannofex, rupture cannonm larva
Trygon, AG
x2 carnifex, x2 SC, AG, frag ( these will be joined with the primes and than by the spawned termagants to get cover saves)

What do you think?

BTW my opponent like to do the old firing line thing with all his armor.

Thanks!"The Hive Guard will help a lot but otherwise your list seems to be a bit all over the place. You've got minimal synergy and the army operates in different waves so your opponent can pick you apart as he wishes. I'd swap back to double Tervigon as Troops (objectives are 2/3 of games, if you keep rolling KP meh. If you pick it, stop it :P) and don't pod the Termagants. Then give the Tervigons Adrenal, Toxin, Onslaught and Catalyst. I'd also drop the Stealers. They're not bad but you need to create points for that other Tervigon. Drop the T-Fex and replace it with a Trygon w/AG as well.

This gives you a massive and scary assault force with the 2x Prime/Trygon/Carnifex backed up by Termagants/Tervigons/Hive Guard with the Zoans sporing in to disrupt firing lanes and any backfield markers he may have such as Exorcists. All of that equals 1835 points so you can add in 2 more Hive Guard, Toxin on the Primes which leaves you 45 points to play with so you could add a Prime upgrade if you wish or some more Termagants, etc.

6 pinkments:

Thud said...

Hey, Kirbs. Stop sending e-mails to yourself, you don't have any fans. It's getting embarrassing.

Kirby said...

Lol, I can photograph proof it!

Thud said...

I can photoshop stuff too.

J said...

Obvious troll is obvious.

Katie Drake said...

Instead of faking emails, why don't you get to the one I sent, eh Kirbs? =P

Kirby said...

Is this what the world has come to? lol

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