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Friday, August 13, 2010

Food for thought: Thesis, My Armies/Blog Updates & Experimental Posts

This is one of those posts that is really important (and you should all read and comment upon) but completely useless at the same time (so you should all read and comment). First off, thanks to everyone so far who has taken my thesis (and if you haven’t please do!). I need about 100 more participants minimum (statistical power, etc.) so if you know anyone who might want to do it and uses the internet, please direct them to it! Moving right along... lately I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails and they generally all seem to come at once (early to mid-week). Damn the conspiracy (Puppy told me about it, sorry guys). This is great but at the same time is detracting from some of the more regular posts I’d like to make such as the Armies in 5th articles. So rather than attempting to get them all out ASAP I’m going to try and leave the majority of the e-mails for the weekends or quicker posts during the week if I’m busy. This will push my reply time back to about a week (it stands at 2-4 days atm on average) so I hope you can all bear with me here!

On a similar note, if I haven’t replied to your e-mail within two weeks, e-mail me again or comment on the blog. I just noticed an e-mail in my junk folder for a NovaOpen list review which was sent two weeks ago! I will get to every e-mail you send me either personally or on the blog but sometimes they go into junk mail and I don’t regularly check there I’m afraid. Also, how happy are people with the post times and number of posts per-day? It usually varies between 3-4 on weekdays and 1-3 on weekends so thoughts on that would be great.

Now to the actual blogging stuff... I’m in the process of updating all of the My Armies pages (note the collective link in the top left) and for the well-read of the readers, you will know I’m currently re-vamping my Tau and assembling the majority of my Marines (who need a lot of magnets...). You'll also have noticed the previous post for Bloodwing... The My Armies page lets you look at my lists and progress reports on how the armies are being built and doing in games and are also places for the readers to ask questions, etc. Plus there are army shots and close-ups of models I particularly like (requests can be done also). If the other authors of 3++ are keen, they can also do something like this and their links will be added to that page as well. Everyone likes feedback people! There is a tournament at the end of this month without comp (see Taak’s post) but it looks like I won’t be able to make it due to thesis work. I might be able to but who knows (btw Vinsanity, keen for it if I can go?). Otherwise there is one out in Penrith in September Vinsanity and I might go to so keep your eyes peeled for more tournament information.

And finally, experimental posts. I’ve done a couple of these in regards to the Tau Codex Review and Eldar Aspect Warriors and whilst they are discussion oriented but what do the readers think? Obviously aren’t going to be the mainstream posts of 3++ but are you happy with them every once and a while? Or would you rather not see them? I’d attempt to keep them similar to the Tau Codex review where analysis happens first and then potential fixes are hypothesised and discussed.

Anyway, just thought all of that needed to be said and if you have any other suggestions, questions, complaints, etc. just post away!

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Chumbalaya said...

Don't get overwhelmed, take things at your own pace. You're doing this blog for fun, remember, no need to stress over it.

If you can, keeping tabs on your various armies and progress would be cool. After Nova I'll be doing the same for my stuff.

I like the discussion posts.

Micael said...

I think the experimental posts are great stuff. They are crisp and to the point. Excellent analysis for the beginner to the mid-tier player.
Keep 'em coming.

I see very few posts that I don't enjoy reading.


Evil-Termite said...

You only need 99 more surveys done now. I took care of that pesky 100th one.

If you reply to someone within a week that's really pretty good.

The experimental posts that review units were nice to read, but the standard strategy stuff didn't really lay in for much discussion because the Eldar and Tau codices have been out since the 5th edition rules came out. I play those armies and love to read about the subject matter, but it wasn't anything really new. What would be nice would be a review of units that are are poo pooed on the internet that can work really great in a list. Stelek did a great article about Eldar Vyper Jetbikes that showed a different side of the unit:

My favorite part of the Tau articles was what the unit would be like in the next codex. It's certainly fun to brainstorm about although we haven't seen any good release schedule rumors that let us know it's coming soon. : ( Anyway, I really enjoy chatting up what units should look like in the next codex.

Since I haven't been around long enough, I may just not have found much yet but I would really like to see some different competitive Tyranid Army builds that work at 1500 points. Of course, if none of the authors play at 1500 points, then I understand why they won't be popping up.

Stormy said...

Does that 100 include my one?

I did some batreps featuring the T-Fex that we both gave props to a while back to combat forum stupidity that says he's shite.

Feel free to tear into it if you're critical of anything and if you have any recommendations about what I should have/have not done.

Leave the fantastical Codex fixes until after you do a review of the army. People are more appreciative of having an honest appraisal of what they have moreso than what they wish they had.

Kirby said...

@Chumb; over-whelmed *panics* what are you talking about? *passes out*. You should just come over to 3++, you know you want to! lol

Need only 50 more minimum for survey so wow...I should of set up analytics to see where it's coming from lol (I imagine the majority was from YTTH recently) so thanks to everyone who has done it.

@Termite; 1500 points won't be discussed much unless sent in via e-mail. 1500 is also a really bad point level for Tyranids as MCs are ~200+ pts each and the main way for them to deal with tanks outside of Hive Guard. GW has moved their game upwards in terms of points per game but still hold GTs @ 1500 =/. I'd ask Puppy for 1500 Nid lists as he loves his Nids something happy!

@Stormy; will check those bat-reps out but go T-Fexes lol.

AbusePuppy said...

I actually disagree there- 1500 is a great points value for Nidzilla because most opponents can't bring enough weight of fire to down things in a single turn easily. Regen really comes into its own at the lower points values.

That said, keeping the army balanced can be difficult if you're trying to put a bunch of MCs in.

I'm working up to posting some more variety of lists for Tyranids, but I want to have a firm grasp on things before I go off recommending anything that doesn't work. But for a little sample:

2x Tyranid Prime (BS/LW, Toxin, Claws, Regen)
2x3 Hive Guard
2x10 Termagants
2x Tervigon (Regen, 1 Cat 1 Ons, Toxin, Adrenal)
2x Carnifex (Regen, 2 Devourer)
(Run the Carnifexes as two separate units, not as a brood. One Prime attaches to each of them, and you use Gaunts for cover.)

Papa JJ said...

Interesting survey, will you be posting anything about the results once your study is done? Also I really like the setup of your My Armies pages, I'd like to do something similar for my own collections once I get more organized. Thank you for all the time that you put into 3++, it's a great resource.

Kirby said...

Regen makes MCs even more expensive though :P. Tervigons & Tyrants are huge force multipliers and 200+ pts each. Whilst you can get away with no Tyrant @ 1500 points, a single Tervigon is going to be vulnerable, etc. So that's 500+ in your Troops without significant killing power, etc. This is where I think Tyranids suffer @ 1500 in trying to balance the army as you said.

@Papa JJ; ya will be posting a brief outline of my results & discussion and if anyone wants the full thesis they can ask :P. Glad you enjoy 3++!

AbusePuppy said...

I tend to run a Prime (or occasionally two) at 1500, no Tyrant. I'd like to have the rerolls for everyone, but at that point total just having 4+ MCs charge something is usually enough to wipe it off the board.

Dropping the 500 in troops is tough, but two Tervis is basically impossible to kill off alongside the other T6 you can fit in there. The Gaunt screens, as I'm sure you're aware, can be a huge boon.

The main thing about 1500 that makes 'Nids more viable is that it's hard for the enemy to bring all the right tools to fight the army with limited points. Being able to go as either a horde army, a T6-spam, or some sort of hybrid of both makes them a tough and aggressive army.

Kirby said...

Fitting in 4+ MCs is where I find the issue lies though. Drop in 2x T-Fexes, 2x Tervigon, 2x Gants and you're at ~1050 points and I think there are certain lists which can and will drop the Tervigons quickly. Yes this happens at 2k as well but @ 2k you've got 6+ MCs to confuse target priority or shore up your army line, etc.

I just feel at 1500 there are certain lists which just out-match Tyranids where at 2k it's a more level playing field.

lehcyfer said...

Is your questionnaire limited geographically? I'm living in Poland - do you want me to participate nonetheless?

Kirby said...

It's world-wide aye so go for it.

The majority of individuals have been from Western countries, specifically English speaking ones though so my generalisability will be limited but the more the merrier!

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