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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Collecting an army in one month: An introduction.

This is the first in a series of articles I'll be writing concerning purchasing, building and painting an army. On the first weekend in October I'll be attending the Mayhem Octoberfest tournament in Tolworth, London. Unfortunately that is only 24 days away and as yet I have not decided what army I will be taking, this is where you come in!

When collecting a new army I like to break the process down into a number of stages, these being: Codex/army list selection, theme selection, paint scheme selection, building and of course painting.

For me personally the hardest part is always deciding what list to take, I typically spend months deliberating over what to take and then only have a few weeks to paint the army, either way with a bit of hard graft painting a 1750 point army is still possible in this timeframe.

The tournament I’m collecting this army for awards bonus points in missions for claiming extra objectives, controlling more quarters of the table, etc. As such this means more troops are required then typical in a Warhammer 40,000 army if you wish to claim these bonus points.

After much deliberation this has led me to my current situation in which I have two different armies I wish to choose from to take to the tournament, these being a Logan-wing Space Wolf army and a Tri-Tervigon Tyranid army. Imperial Guard would have also been a good choice, but I painted a Guard army in May and as such I don't want to paint a load of Guardsmen again so soon.

To give you a bit more insight into the armies, here is the concept for them that I have in my head:

Logan-wing army concept
I, like many people am a big fan of the Space Wolf codex, an all foot army would be the idea but I would paint it in the colours of the 13th company led by a character using the rules for Logan, so expect a feral, battered and bloodied army.

Tyranid army concept
The Tyranid concept is something that won't appeal to all players, essentially I would be using models from the Tyranid range but they would have been in some way controlled by Orks, so expect MCs with howdahs and Orks riding in the back with weird mind control technology!

To give you some idea of what standard of painting you can expect to see, here are some pictures from when I painted a Fireprism in one day:

There will be a poll up for you to vote for the army you want to see me buy, build, paint and take to the tournament so get voting!

Rupert x

10 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Loganwing is an awesome army to play and has tons of conversion potential, especially if you go the 13th company route.

Good luck

fester said...

It sounds to me like you sir, have too much money !

AbusePuppy said...

Wow, that's very impressive. I'm a pretty slow painter, so I can't even imagine putting an army together this quickly and having it look good.

I think I like the Loganwing better, but the Tyranids have some really cool conversion possibilities (Grots/Snotlings spewing out of a Tervigon, etc) if that's more your thing. I'd lean to the former, though. (A Drop Pod or two really shores up its weaknesses, though, so you might consider breaking the purity of an all-foot list.)

Behemoth said...

loganwing is really a ton of fun. Its my favorite shooty army in the game.

An Enemy said...

Loganwing. You might not want to go completely foot though.

I'm thinking about a Logan counts as led list with mech wolf guard pa troops. Very interesting loadouts are possible.

ModoX said...

I'm intrigued by the Tyranid concept actually. And that is you speed painting? I need to step my game up!

derek said...

go nids... gooooo nids. That scheme you have sounds cool as a hair squig.


Wysten said...

Loganwing is pretty awesome to play, and I would imagine that the smaller unit counts would be easier to paint.

Footslogging is not the best of ideas though, termies have fairly limited range unless mounted in Land Raiders or drop podded within ideal range. You could always have that as randomly bursting out of the warp to ambush them.

VT2 said...

Looted tyranid monsters.

Kirby said...

Gogo Loganwing. Some nice conversion opportunities and comeon, mass missiles? Done :P. I'm also nota huge fan of Tri-Tervi @ 1750 simply from the sacrifices you have to make elsewhere.

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