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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Email in: Local Tourney IG List

"Hi Kirby. Love the site- it's definitely the place I go to see what's hot in competitive 40k. I've been out of 40k for a bit after dabbling in Fantasy and busying myself with moving, but I hear there's a tournament coming up soon in these parts and I figure it'll be a great way to get back into the game. I don't have any tourney experience so any advice that you can give me would be great.

Anyway, the list I have in mind focuses on Al'Rahem. I love outflanking and other weird deployment shenanigans and my blob of 30 power sword and flamer wielding Guardsmen has so far not failed in earning at least double or triple its points back. Normally I have a few more meltabombs or krak grenades in there, but I've just got to hope that I have enough AT as is. I also love the Leman Russ and it's myriad forms, and my newly acquired Demolisher chassis demands to be used.

List #1:
CCS, standard, MoO
CCS, 4 plasma, chimera (HB/ML), astropath, plasma pistol

PCS, Al'Rahem, 4 melta, chimera (HF/ML)
3 IS, Power weapons, Flamers, Commissar with PW, 1 sgt with Meltabomb

PCS, 4 flamer, chimera (HF/ML)
3 infantry squads, AC/GL
SWS, 3 flamers
SWS, 1 flamer, 2 demo charges

Scout Sentinel, autocannon

Leman Russ BT *2 (not squadroned), Hull HBs
Leman Russ Executioner, PC sponsons, Hull HB

The strategy with this list is to make sure the enemy has nowhere to run. In front of them is a plethora of templates with a side of anti-tank. The LRs take center while the Guardsmen form a bubble wrap with the foot CCS. The two chimeras end the line on either side. From the sides come a horde of power sword wielding guardsmen and a fistful of melta, along with the Sentinel taking potshots as it goes. I'll try to place objectives near the board edges so they have something to sink their teeth into. The Vendettas carry the special weapon squads, onloading them to deal with hordes or simply holding onto them to be scoring. They can outflank if I think it's worth it or just start on the board if I have first turn.

I guess the main worry I have with this list is my anti-tank. 4 autocannons, the vendettas and Al'Rahem's melta are about what I've got. I could switch the mounted CCS to melta and scare up a lascanon for the foot CCS, but beyond that I'm not sure.

List #2:
CCS, 3 plasma, astropath, chimera (HF/ML), plasma pistol

PCS, Al'Rahem, 4 melta, chimera (HF/ML)
3 IS, PWs, Flamers, Commissar with PW, 1 sgt with MB
SWS, 2 flamers, 1 demo charge
SWS, 2 flamers, 1 demo charge
Inf. Squad, Chimera (ML/HF)

Vet squad, 3 melta
Vet Squad, 3 melta, chimera (HF/ML)

Valkyrie w/ MRP

Leman Russ BT w/ hull HB*2 (not squadroned)
Leman Russ Executioner w/ HB

This list would go for more of a reserve all strategy which I am much more used to than the hammer and anvil of the first list. Outflank with Al'Rahem and the Vendettas while the Leman Russ and the two chimeras march up the board. The Valkyrie may try to make a 1st turn suicide run with its cargo if it sees a juicy enough target. Since Al'Rahem's platoon can outflank to different sides of the board the mounted IS can go on the opposite side from the main thrust, sneaking onto a forlorn objective while everyone is distracted. The Valkyrie could easily become a Vendetta but I like the idea of a melta taxi.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!


p.s. Some pics attached of the army. And yes, the paint scheme is playing card themed. Why? Sounded good at the time. :)"

What points value? Brain is fried so can't add up. On the whole the lists are all over the place. Whilst Ali isn't really bad when taken with an Astorath, it's not really great either. You can have the same effect pretty much with outflanking scout sents or Vendettas (who are better at alpha striking anyway) as no-one is really that scared of 30 IG charging you unless they have FC and Creed would be kinda expensive. You're also forced to outflank which means you can't use the big blob as a bubble-wrap or lol outflank unit.

If you're set on using Ali take Chimeras for the unit. You're never going to scare anyone in combat and Chimeras can at least force their way onto the battlefield and start landing templates everywhere. Couple meltaguns from the hatches and you can disrupt your opponent well. Outside of that I'd maybe add HWS over SWS to gain as much down-ranged firepower as possible in your other troop selection and make sure you can put two suicide units into the Vendettas (PCS and a Vet squad maybe). One CCS is enough btw and it only needs the special weapons + astorath. Heavy Support and Fast Attack are fine but I'd consider Hydras and triple Vendettas as well to increase your ranged firepower but dependent on points.

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