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Friday, September 17, 2010

Email in: 1250 Wolves for Weekend Tournament

"I've got a tournament this weekend in the Shaky Isles (Auckland New Zealand) being run by a friend of mine, Daemion.

Its a team event each side having two 1250 points forces. My partner, a very experienced player, is taking an Ultramarines force that is fairly troop heavy (Scouts and basic Tacticals) with a Chaplain led assault squad, a Null Zone Librarian and Whirlwind in support. My main goal is to pound the tournament organisers team. They have a force of Nurgle Marines in Rhinos and Vindicators and Khorne Landraider, Daemons, and Defilers.

This is a pretty easy going event with no named characters which will have some pretty unusual missions. He likes to throw in some randomness. We might be getting objectives that move around or attack you!

I have sort of settled on the following for my list.

Rune Priest w Living Lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf and Chooser of the Slain110

2 Lone Wolves w Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield170
3 Wolf Guard w Power Fist and Combi Flamer (go with Grey Hunters)129

9 Grey Hunters with Melta Gun and Wolf Standard and Rhino185
8 Grey Hunters with Melta Gun and Wolf Standard and Rhino170
8 Grey Hunters with Plasma Gun and Wolf Standard and Rhino175

Heavy Support
6 Long Fangs w 2 Lascannons and 3 Missile Launchers170
6 Long Fangs w 5 Missile Launchers140


The list is designed for long range shooting followed up by counter assault with some tough units. The Wolf Guard lose me a special weapon from my squads but the Power Fists are handy and the combi-flamers are great for Nids and Orks."

Andrew wanted a critique on this list and his tournament is this weekend, so he jumps the que (lucky him). List overall is solid but you don't really need the lascannons on the Fangs, especially without Logan to make them S10. The plasmaguns on the GH aren't needed that much as well and your Wolf Guard should have combi-meltas. You've got plenty of anti-infantry in your GH + Fang missiles but need to make sure you stop AV14. As with Black_rose's list I'd prefer power weapons on the GH and Wolf Guard rather than just PFists on the Wolf Guard and since you have larger squads, Mark of the Wulfen wouldn't be amiss either (you should be able to get these points by dropping the LCs to MLs on the Fangs and plasmagun to meltagun on GH). The more armour ignoring attacks you have the better your list will fit with your friend's Null zone as well.

Also, the Lone Wolves would do better with Chainfists. Allows them to crack open tough armoured targets like Raiders, etc. I don't think you'd have the points but giving them puppy friends would be useful as well. And finally, Priest doesn't need Jaws :P. Unless you really want to cater against the Nurgle army Tempest and Hurricane are better utility spells over a series of games.

Best of luck in the tournament!

2 pinkments:

Kirby said...

Reply in from Andrew:

Thanks for the review Kirby.

I read you earlier review of the 1700 Wolves and liked your suggestion re the Power Weapons and Combi-Meltas on the Wolf Guard but I've only got models with Power Fists. I may try and say my combi-Flamers are combi-Meltas. Although the flamer shot could be handy against the Genestealer horde, all beautifully painted from the Space Hulk box set, we'll also come up against.

I also only have Thuder Hammers for my Lone Wolves. I'd really like to have had Chainfists on them. You are right on the Chainfists, wish I'd thought of it when modelling. Maybe I can get the glue out tonight and swap some arms out! Of course the Thunderhammers could be handy in a second round of combat against Daemions if I roll enough 3s.

I will swap out the Plasma for a Melta on the Grey Hunters so I can deal with my mates armour and Defilers. I also like the Mark of the Wulfen idea. I haven't used this before and am keen to give it a go.

I have more Lascannons but not Missile Launchers. I do have some Ultramarine Missile Launchers which won't be too out place replacing a couple of Long Fangs who've been working too hard on the Vodka the night before. My partner is an Ultramarine player so could fit with the fluff. Too much Vodka is a problem their General has had on the Sunday morning of weekend tournaments away from home. 6.30am at night clubs in provincial cities in New Zealand is interesting! Slows you down a bit for that 8.30am game though.

I do love Jaws of the World Wolf for its psychological effect on the opposition. It will also be handy against the Nid hordes' monsters, the 30 Plague marines, and the 40 Nurgle Daemians I also know will be there.

Will send you the final list after I had a go with the glue and checked my model box.

Fast feedback is appreciated. Sorry for jumping the queue. I will stay off the booze tonight, take my camera tomorrow, and endeavour to provide a battle report for you.

Kirby said...

And my reply:

A bit of glue work should work for the Lone Wolves :P. Magnets really help in situations like this but imagine you don't have any on hand atm. Understandable with the Power Fists on Wolf Guard but you should try and squeeze in a Power Weapon or MotW in the GH squads for more combat pewpew, especially since you've taken larger squads. Use the UM ML's if you can. Lascannons are nice for the extra AP and strength but Long Fangs with missiles cover every single base you could possibly want. With Logan around a couple lascannons are nice to get S10 essentially with Tank Hunters, but without him the ML is just a better all round choice.

Vodka + 40k = good :P lol. Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

P.S. posted both of these in the thread so others could see whats happening.

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