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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Email in: 1750 BA dreadzilla

"hey kirby lovin the bloggy.

Im Sean the fella that asked about multi-melta tac bunkers if you recall in the tac, chaos, assault and grey hunter comparison artical(prolly not lol)

Any who just a follow up about tac bunkers, see im running a dread BA army and i know deep down i should run assault squads but my elites are fulled with tasty dreads so i cant give em priests.

So perhapes im wrong but if you cant have FC FNP on ya assault squads then whats the point.

anywho my army is


2 libby dreads with wings
1 furioso with talons, magna-grapple and drop pod

2 tac squads with MM, meltgun and combi in rhinos with h/k missiles

3 dakka dreads

two attack bikes with MM

that comes in at 1730 i think

The tournys down here in New Zealand have pretty nasty comp scoring, not as bad as Oz but its still a problem. I know im gonna get nailed with the dakka dreads and the other dreads and mephy so i was hoping the assault bikes and two tac squads maybe looking a lil different from each other would help(prolly not but its a try). Alsio the only reason i decided to change from chaos to BA was because i have a great fetish for dreads.

anywho would love your advice i have only been to one tourny so far (New Zealand being tiny and all) so im relatively new to the comp system but im good enough to beat all the fellas at my local (which isnt really saying too much I know).

chin chin my good man

Well you've picked the right army for a Dread spam list :P. What is your ultimate purpose with this list though? Screw comp and go with what you want or modify your list based around comp? I'm going to assume the former unless otherwise noted and any 'comp' benefits with be bonuses really. Tacs are a good Troop in Vanilla SM but not in BA. You pay an extra premimum for the Fast status of your Rhino which doesn't help that much as a bunker with a heavy weapon and you don't get combat tactics. All in all this makes for a more expensive and not as effective Troop choice. Yes they can work but not as Vanilla SM tacs. What this list really needs is more threats to take away from the Dreads and Razorbacks with ASM do this. You don't need FNP/FC bubbles for this because they are MSU and hiding inside RBacks anyway.

The Attack Bikes are cute but not really needed so all of the Tac and AB points can go into Razorbacks with ASM. TL-assault cannons are very good on BA Rbacks as you can move 12" and fire and whilst you suffer from one gun syndrome, you should be able to fit 4+ into this list and give your opponent a lot to think about. The TL-AssCannons + Riflemen Dreads put out a lot of firepower to suppress your opponent's mech and pop some transports. Meltaguns inside the Razorbacks can also help and then your Furiosos & Meph go to work.

So your Dread + Meph setup sets you back 1135 points leaving you 615 to play with for RBacks, just shy of 4 unfortunately. Best bet is to drop a Rifledread to free up the points and it takes away a Dread but that's what happens at 1750! You could drop Meph instead but he's a mini-Dread in his own right. So dropping a Dread and adding in 4x5x ASM w/meltagun, infernous pistol, RBack w/Assault Cannon gives us 15 points to fiddle with and the following:

2x Libby Dread w/Wings, Shield
Furioso w/Talons, Grapple, Pod
4x5x ASM w/meltagun, infernous, RBack w/TL-AssCannon
2x Riflemen Dread

Issues will come when your Libby dreads don't cast wings and running into bubble-wraps but solid all the same. The Furioso in a pod might also get jacked pretty early with a point blank meltagun so dropping him back to a Libby Dread might cover the Wings issue as well. You'll get messed over with comp though lol.

9 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

FNP isn't going to be missed much considering the MSU and focus on Dreadies.

I'm gonna second Kirby's suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I think a Drop Dread list might make for a superior Dread list for BA

Kirby said...

Drop dread is certainly a better option IMO asit overcomes the whole reliance on Furioso Wings but it's still a solid list. No one likes 6 twin-linked autocannons and 4 twin-linked assault cannons peppering them with fire as 3 AV13 dreads + meph runs at you.

sean said...

Thanks kirby for the help.
and not that its appreciated im just not sure im really that good of a player to pull the wins out with a bad comp score. I know i should have been clear but what would you do to make it more comp friendly?

I was playing around with it a bit more and came up with this.

libby with shield and lance

libby dread with shield and wings
libby dread with fear the dark and wings
furioso with grapple, talons and pod.

10 tacs with melta, multi, combi in rhino
10 ASM with 2 melta, infernus and rhino

2 attack bikes with multi
land speeder typhoon with heavy flamer

2 dakka dreads
5 devastators with 4 missiles and razorback with heavy flamer

plan is to break the ASM into one squad with two meltas in the rhino and the libby and infernus in the razor.
I know its a much weaker list than my original or your idea but Ive only been to one tourny under my belt so i dont wanna rely on my skill alone to do well.(only in 40k comp scoring could a more crappy statement be said)

SneakyDan said...

H-flamer razors, imo. Save the points per razor, and possibly fit a 5th in, perhaps. You have plenty of Str 7 to pop mech, asscannons are nice as well, but TL h-flamer templates on a fast chassis? something to be feared.

Kirby said...

@sean; I have no idea what comp is like in NZ but if it's anything like Australian comp, well there are no set parameters for what's good and bad. Swedish comp at least has a very strict guide on it ^^ so I can't really tell you how your army would fair in comp-land.

"comping" the list and your list looks alright though I might drop the Typhoon for another AB w/MM (make them 3 squads of 1 pls) and buff out the Dev squad with bodies so you can combat squad.

@Dan; a viable option for the non-comp list. Should be able to fit in 3xRifledreads if you dropped the Razors to HFlamers (keep them at 4).

Lyracian said...

Interesting ideas. I think I would go with two Libby HQ's. One can hang back and give the Riflemen a shield. While the other advances in the Rhino with Shield/Lance.

1750 Dreadzilla
100 Librarian: Shield, Blood Lance
100 Librarian: Shield, maybe Lance again?
350 Libby Dread x2
175 Furioso with grapple, talons and pod
360 Rifleman Dread x3
540 ASMx5 (Meltagun,Infernus) in Plasmaback x3
125 ASMx5 (Meltagun) in Rhino

sean said...

Thats what erks me about the comp system. They want us to bring balance lists but they give us no guidelines on what this intails.
However there was another tourny recently and the comp score was done through oz so im pretty sure we are riding their coat tails (much like they where riding ours in the tri nations SNAP)

Kirby said...

lol sean. Well I've never found a "definitive" answer for what comp is in Australia either and most players who comp attempts to 'bring into line' consider balanced lists to be good rather than so-so because GW is actually producing a balanced game now *gasp*.

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