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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Email in: jumpers with some punch [2000]

"Hey kirby,

I have been playing around with a jumpers list based in a large part on some of the lists you have up on your site Fine tuning it a little. However I ran into a snag. My list is

Libby, jp, shield, lance
libby, jp, lance, preferred enemy (I like having him around for when I dont combat squad against more powerful combat opponents)

Honor guard, 3x melta
Sanguinary guard
2x sanguinary priest, jp

3 sets of
10 assault marines, 2x melta, fist

2 sets of
5 vanguard, 2xlc, 1xglaive, 4x storm shield

2k on the nose

Unfortunately the honor guard are 195 with the jump packs, not 145 as I had originally punched into army builder. So now I have to drop 50 pts somehow.

I suppose I could drop one lc and one shield from each vanguard unit but that reduces their killy power emensly. This allows for a couple extra pieces of gear such as hand flamers on two sergeants or some melta bombs on the vanguard. This leaves me with only one unit that can handle itself in assault. I kinda like having the punch units as a number of guys around here run some prety combat oriented armies and basic assault marines don't always cut it.

Alternatively, I could drop one libby and one assult squad and add Dante. The remaining points would be used on random gear to be spread around, most importantly adding melta pistols to the sanguinary guard (without dante they ds to far back to use them). This leaves me with 3 good combat squads and one combat char but hits my body count down to only 44 guys.

Which of the two would you suggest or do you have any alternative suggestions.


That looks a lot like GWvsJohn's new Jumper list (which I'm very fond of). He clearly hacked my gmail account to access this email and steal the idea! lol Easiest way to shave the points is drop a ASM squad to 5 men. You lose a bit of scoring power but with 3 FNP/FC bubbles and the hard hitting elements of the Sang Guard + VV, your opponent generally has other worries. You save 100 points this way so can add a PFist to the SG squad (very important to do this), combat weapons to the Priests, pistols here and there, another melta in the HG squad, etc. Personally I'd add the PFist to the SG squad and add 2 infernous pistols and then hand flamer on the 2 full ASM sized squads.

How have you been finding the Jumper list works? I know there are a lot of curious people out there.

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