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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Email in: 2000-point Imperial Guard armylist, how does it look?

"Hi Kirby,

I've been following your blog only just recently, however I've read many of your must-read articles on 3++, and I must say that like you and your fellow bloggers' style. You all appreciate and support the competitive realm of Warhammer 40k but you don't shun any one particular army, unit, or strategy without sound reasoning.

I probably ought to introduce myself…

My name is Jonathan, and I've been a Warhammer 40k player since the fall of 2006. I live in southwest Washington in the United States (Vancouver, Washington). To make a long story short, there's really not a whole lot of gaming opportunity out here, aside from Ordo Fanaticus (the local online gamers network, caters to 40k) and Guardian Games (game store in downtown Portland). As far as the local Warhammer 40k community, Vancouver has been a ghost town for almost two years since Z Games closed its doors (the only game store in Vancouver that had any real 40k presence).

I’ve signed up for the Hillsboro Insurrection 2010 GT this October, and I have an IG armylist that could really use a good critique. I've played in whatever 40k tournaments I could in the past, but most of the closest ones are in the Portland, Oregon area, and I've gone as far as Rivals Fantasy Games (Hillsboro, Oregon) and Borderlands Games (Salem, Oregon) searching for Warhammer 40k competitions.

I'm a competitive-minded, army list engineering, dyed-in-the-wool gunfighting 40k player who enjoys thought out, game-tested missions, beautifully painted armies, well-done conversions, and 40k players who game with dignity.

Unfortunately I don't have a ton of battlefield experience or anyone more experienced than myself to turn to for advice. Here's my armylist for the Hillsboro Insurrection:

Imperial Guard GT Armylist

[HQ]: Company Command Squad; Veteran Lascannon team; Vox-caster;
Chimera Armored Transport

[TROOPS]: Veteran Squad; x2 Melta-guns; Plasma Gun; Veteran Auto-cannon team;
Chimera Armored Transport

[TROOPS]: Veteran Squad; x2 Melta-guns; Plasma Gun; Veteran Auto-cannon team;
Chimera Armored Transport

[TROOPS]: Veteran Squad; x2 Melta-guns; Plasma Gun; Veteran Auto-cannon team;
Chimera Armored Transport

[TROOPS]: Veteran Squad

[TROOPS]: Veteran Squad

[FAST ATTACK]: Vendetta Gunship; x3 twin-linked Lascannons

[FAST ATTACK]: Vendetta Gunship; x3 twin-linked Lascannons

[FAST ATTACK]: Bane Wolf; hull Heavy Flamer; Smoke Launchers
Bane Wolf; hull Heavy Flamer; Smoke Launchers

[HEAVY SUPPORT]: Leman Russ Executioner; hull Heavy Flamer; Plasma Cannon sponsons

[HEAVY SUPPORT]: Leman Russ Demolisher; hull Lascannon

[HEAVY SUPPORT]: Leman Russ Demolisher; hull Lascannon

Total: 1900 / 2000 points

[All chimera transports have the Multi-laser/Heavy Flamer weapon combo]

I'm not sure how to equip the Veteran Squads. My plan for them was to carry heavy weapons (Auto-cannon, Lascannon?) sit back and work with the Company Command Squad/LR Executioner to provide reliable long-range fire support for my Veterans in Chimeras/LR Demolishers/Bane Wolfs as they advance to intercept enemy forces and/or capture objectives, as well as hold any home objectives. Alternatively, they would also be equipped with special weapons and ride in the Vendettas for a more aggressive role when needed (3 Flamers + Shotguns, 3 Melta-guns + Demolitions, whatever gaps need to be filled).

Thank you to all for the time and effort put into your blog; it’s a safe harbor for the fledging 40k player like myself :)

Best wishes and God bless,

Jonathan Gomes"
Glad you like the blog. A solid list overall but a couple of issues, bare Vet squads which you highlighted and your Heavy Support. Lemun Russ squads were implemented into the codex for a reason. It may dilute your fire saturation a bit but it's worth combining all of those Russes into a single squad of 2. I'd recommend keeping the Executioner with Plas sponsons and sticking in an LRBT as a supporter (or Demolisher if that's all you have). With the spare points (but leave some for the Vets) I'd add in either Hydra squads (2x2) or Manticores for more firepower. With this list I'd prob go with the Hydra squads so you've got increased suppression fire at range. I'd also drop the plasmaguns on the Vet squads and keep them as triple melta + heavy weapon and the bare vets should get melta + demolitions for some alpha strike fun with the Vendettas.
You're going to be tight on points and your anti-infantry is always going to  be solid with IG from mass HFlamers so I'd prob drop the Banewolves down to Devildogs or drop them all together. With some point shuffling you could get another Vendetta/Vet squad in there or add in PBS w/Chimeras.
Good list structure overall just need to fine tune it and you've got options with that! Major thing personally is compressing the Heavy Support and increasing the over-all long-ranged firepower.

2 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

I'm meh on squadrons. Squadroning the Bane Wolves would be a good idea (go BW and HH for some flexibility) so you can fit in Vendettas.

Executioners stay static, and static needs bubblewrap. Get a small infantry platoon to protect your back line and life is peachy keen.

Mech units like moving, if you get any heavy weapon it should be an AC because it is so cheap.

CCS - 4 plasma guns, Chimera
PCS - 4 flamers, Chimera
3x Infantry - autocannon, power weapon, 1 commissar w/ power weapon
3x Vets - 3 meltas, autocannon, Chimera
2x 1 Vendetta
Bane Wolf w/ hull HF, smoke
2x 1 Demolisher w/ hull HF
Executioner w/ hull HF

That gives you a good holding unit, plenty of mobile mech, lots of long range suppression, plenty of melta and the extremely nasty anti-infantry power provided by the plasma doom tank.

Anonymous said...

I run the league at Guardian Games currently. Although I can't organize weekend tournaments due to school/work scheduling, I think we have a pretty decent crowd on Wednesday nights. I've been trying hard to show the locals that you can have players bringing their best, while still having fun games.

The league has some concessions to non-competitive gaming, as we have a sportsmanship score (a separate prize from 1st place, *no best overall*), and you get a bonus league point for every game you play with a fully painted army.

However, I think we have a fairly competitive, yet friendly scene, and I welcome you to come try it out. We start at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, with a monthly buy-in of $10 that goes to prize support.


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