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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Email in: BA Dread [2000]

"Hey, I have been reading your site for a little while now and between you and YTTH, I have found some fun ideas to do with my lists. I was thinking of branching out and making a Dread/Drop Pod army and it seems that BA is the way to go. I have been reading the recent posts you have about dreads in SM and BA and I came up with this list.

HQ: Sanguinor 275
Elite: Libby Dread w/ Blood Lance and Shield w/ Drop Pod X3: 630
Troops: Assault Marines X10, Flamers x2, PF, w/ Drop Pod X3: 675
Heavy: Multi-Melta Dreadnaught w/ Drop Pod X3: 420

I know it seems all or nothing with everything deep striking. But I was reading some ideas you had about what if your opponent castles and I thought throwing those Blood Lances in there will help out. Also, I went with flamer squads, because hopefully they will come in later and dispatch of all the infantry that is running around without transports. The Sanguinor is there because I just thought he looks great and wanted a hard to kill character in there that can beat face. I would do Mephiston, but no deepstriking means he will either get shot up, or come on later and never really get in the main fight. What do you think? "

Glad you like the blog and it's given you some ideas. Your list is good but a few things jump out. Sanguinor is meh and not in a Drop Pod which means he's coming down by himself and can get torrented away. He's better than Mephiston in this list but not really worth it. The lack of FNP/FC bubbles is also a pain. FC can really help the Dreads and FNP/FC really helps the ASM who are your torrenting units. You're also sitting on 9 pods which means all your Dreads can't come in at once. Easiest way to fix this is drop the Sanguinor to a Libby (which also means you can drop a Libby Dread to a plain Furioso with Blood Talons) and split two of the ASM squads to 5 men each (or split one ASM squad to 5 and add HG in a Drop Pod) with the points saved. Then buy a couple priests (1 if you took an HG squad).

Any extra points can go into Heavy Flamers on the Dreads or special weapons on the Priests. If you're happy with the above issues you can keep the Sanguinor but he's the main weakness of the list and whilst he brings some add combat power, there are more efficient and better application of points.

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