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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Email in: Blood Angels and Terminatrs, why don't I see more of this combination?

"Hey Kirby,

I have been reading the BA codex lately, and I have even proxied a few games using your all jumpers list which has been a ton of fun, I have altered your list slightly to include some Sang Guard, but I have found that the list stumps some players, they are not exactly sure how to deal with is quite a change from the Black Templar lists I have been running. I am not giving up on my BT's, nor the LRC conversion that I sent you pictures of a few weeks back (I will make sure and keep you updated with pics), I am just trying something new. Anyway onto the question.

As I have been looking at different BA lists and thinking about how to set up a non-jump army, I realized that I have yet to see a list with assault terminators in them, maybe I am not looking hard enough, but I am wondering why? Do these termies lack the fast delivery system that the BA's seem to have?, are they not fitted to the assault/combat style of the BA's. I mean after playing BT's I freakin' love assault termies, expensive, but I love them.

Now, I read the "Immolator Spam: Blood Angels Style" article and it got me thinking, throwing in a Redeemer w/ some TH/SS touting termies could really give that list a punch, I see that the razorbacks could be used as a "bubble" to allow the LRC to get into postion. Doing this build would also make it a little less expensive cash wise to build, at least for me, I have a box of unused assault termies and a un-built LRC at the moment. But then again I have only been playing 40k now for about 3 months and I may not even know what I am talking about, what are your thoughts?


Glad you like the Jumper list. Adding the Sang Guard is a popular option to add some combat punch and quite a reasonable choice. In regards to Termies in BA, the problem is the increased cost of the codex overall. Whilst Land Raiders are the same price, everything else mech based is more expensive (well except Land speeders) so you're going to have trouble fitting in two rocks and enough support. Here's an example of a double Raider list at 2000 I did when the BA codex came out. Analysis is included within the post but the main points are it loses out in comparison to the SM list in terms of support. The sang priests certainly make the rocks more rocky and very capable of wrecking face with Furious Charge (hence the couple of LClaws) but it's generally a better option to run this type of list under SM.

If you're happy running just a single rock, it's a lot easier to fit in and the BA Immo spam army is a good template. You n eed to be careful with running Razorbacks in front of the Raider though as if they get stopped, the Raider gets stopped (a further problem of BA assault oriented Raiders) or delayed as it has to go around them.

2 pinkments:

dzer0 said...

I am actually a big fan of 6 Assault Terminators in a Crusader with a Librarian and Priest (also in Terminator Armor).

Since the Librarian/Priest have initiative based Power Weapons you can take 2 Lightning claws and 4 Thunder Hammers and have a very tough unit.

Point wise it is very hefty, but FNP terminators can be quite over the top.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

I think double Raider is too much.
Some 500 pts!
Considering the price of them, those points could go into, well, many things.

You and StelStel don't love Vindis. Single weapon that is short ranged and has low side AV.
How about stinking a Vindi in between two FlameBacks? They drive straight at something, perhaps even with a Raider following them.

The Raider gets 50% save and is not an immediate threat, so is ignored.
The FlameBacks are only as puny as ever and the Vindi has its flimsy side AV out of sight, leaving the solid front armour to take the hits.
Do you think people would ignore the Vindi? I don't. Making them target the front armour could be a great way of keeping them tough.

Even if they do take out the Vindi during T2, the actual important stuff is already at the destination and the Term+LRC can dump a 21.5" assault and make up for being behind them.

If the Vindi does survive, instead of dropping mistakes on his own guys, goes off to engage other things such as the enemy firebase or contests an objective whilst shooting at it.

What do you think?

Vindi Extra armour [to not stall the charge] 160
2 more Terms 90

You can even add a Tac squad
10 Man 180
LC, Flamer
lasplasBack 90


The Las squad sits next to the lasplasBack [who houses the flamer squad]
Adds Las cannons [handy if not awe-inspiring] and holds an objective [which win games]
You can even burn forwards with the lasplasBack [and flamer squad] if after the Rock has cleared out a midfield objective, you want the Rock to keep attacking.

What say you?

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