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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Email in: Dear Dr. Kirby (and support staff :P)


Firstly, I think 3++ is definitely the most informative of the numerous blogs out there concerning 40k (the articles are rather concise and well written). No offense to YTTH (a close second) or any of the others, I just like pink best.

Anyhow, I started playing 40k about two months ago along with about 6 friends. Having a soft spot for Xeno's ever since I first watched Alien when I was 5 years old, I'm playing Nids against some SM, Orks, CSM, Eldar and Tau (the latter two being the only other armies I would consider playing with for reasons that stretch back to my RPG roots).

Seeing that all of us are noobs, you can imagine a fair amount of rules lawyering takes place during our games. I therefore require some clarification on the following (some of the points are probably only of a theoretical nature and won't necessarily arise in competitive games or have been dealt with by yourselves previously, but I realy want to grasp the rules/dynamics better):

1. Tervigons. So 10 termagaunts nets you a Tervigon as troops choice. Cool beans. As I understand it the Tervigon does not form part of the initial unit of 10 termagaunts as it is an individual MC unit itself (not joined like special characters are able to), a correct assumption? How do the spawned units work? To my mind the Tervigon is still a separate unit and each round of spawning also creates new, separate (from the Tervigon itself and other termaguants) units. The reason I ask is because 15 ork burnaz in a battlewagon went nuts doing about 90 wounds to my unit of 15 termagaunts, hence if the Tervigon is part of that unit it faces a tremendous amount of wound spill-over. Also separate units obviously means separate targets/targetting, which is nice to have.

If my initial assumption of separate units is correct, consider the following. Lets say you use HT-Hive Commander to allow the Tervigon to outflank (reserve roll is successful etc.), do you roll for spawning termagaunts in that round? If not, why not? If so, when? It says in the Codex spawning happens before movement takes place, and outflank is a normal movement (6") from a short-edge of the playing area, isn't it? So do you roll for spawned units and then they appear together with the Tervigon in the outflank move?

2. Mycetic Spores. It is a troop choice and the entry in the Codex says it can transport either 1 MC or a unit of 20 infantry. There are obvious entries for certain units where it is listed as "Dedicated Transport: The brood may take....". When taken as such a dedicated transport it does not count towards a troop choice slot in the force organisation chart, right? I mean that is how it works for SM (land raiders/rhinos can also be dedicated transports for specific units, but not others and depending on the use will take up slots in force organisation). So, can for example a Swarmlord (being 1 MC as allowed by the Mycetic Spore entry) take a Mycetic Spore and then have the spore count towards a troop choice slot because it is not a dedicated transport in that instance. I mean, it never explicitly states he can't take a spore (i.e. "this unit may not take a spore") and the spore entry itself seems to allow it, it's just not listed as dedicated transport.

Your assistance with this will be greatly appreciated. I will also post my army list at some point for your valued input. It's not super-competitive although I've only lost twice out of 8 games (I prefer a more role-playing approach i.e. super-predators must pounce - reserves army) .

Have a nice day!


This is how all e-mails should be subjected and addressed =D.

1) They are seperate units and every unit the Tervigon spawns is another seperate unit. So if a Tervigon spawns 3 groups of Termagants you'll have 4 Termagant squads + a Tervigon all counting as Troops.
1b) The Tervigon cannot produce Termagants on the turn it outflanks as Termgants are spawned before the Tervigon moves.

2) Only units which have the Mycetic Spore entry in their army list entry can take one. It does not then take up a FoC slot. In the case of the Swarmlord, there is no dedicated transport entry within the Swarmlord's codex entry and therefore cannot take a Spore.

Let's see that army list! lol

7 pinkments:

Brother Loring said...

blah.... more like Mr Kirby and Dr Support staff!

oddly though that will change soon enough to Dr Kirby and Mr Support Staff!


Katie Drake said...

This guy is so polite I want to vomit. Well done, sir.

VT2 said...

Doctor Kirby's luv shack.

Dave G said...

I don't think I agree with 1b.

The gaunts are spawned before the Terv moves, and the Terv is outflanking.

No gaunts can be spawned while the Terv is off the table.
Also, moving onto the table edge counts as moving.. therefor the Tervigon is off the table at the beginning of it's movement, therefor a unit of gaunts can't be spawned off the table.

Kirby said...

Read my answer to 1b again Dave.

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

woops.. it was late, I must have had a crazy moment. Sorry.

Kirby said...

That's alright. *wanders off to bite someone else's head off* :)

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