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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New author introduction

Hello! My name is Matthew, mkoop or Koopa. I am an avid miniature hobbyist, I enjoy modeling conversions and painting. I have been painting (primarily oil on canvas) and sculpting (plaster and clay mediums) for around 15 years.  I am currently working on my Masters degree at the University of Wisconsin in Computer Science (specifically, network security). I have always enjoyed the modeling and painting aspect of Warhammer a great deal.  I have been refining my skills as one can never know enough about color theory and different painting techniques.  I have several friends here who are amazing hobbyists and I am constantly picking their brains.  I hope to bring to you some articles that will take the fear out of painting and help defeat the sea of grey we so often see on the table tops.  I have recently purchased a new air brush and a brand new in box blood angels army.  I hope to provide you all with some great tips, articles and anything else I can think of as far as painting and modeling.  I am also an avid Warhammer Fantasy player and take part quite significantly in the tournament scene.  So I hope to also bring to you some articles, lists and fantasy strategy as I continue to learn about 40k! 

I have also just reestablished my blog so feel free to follow me there for questions or other miscellaneous tips and updates to my armies that don’t make the cut here! 
So grab your brushes and green stuff and get ready!

7 pinkments:

fester said...

Welcome to the fold :)

TheGraveMind said...

A little creepy, cause I just came from my work station to grab my green stuff... and decided to check the blogsphere.

But welcome, and I look forward to upcoming articles!

Anonymous said...

You should call your posts, "Hangin' with Mr. Koopa."

If you don't then I will!

Kirby said...

How is that creepy GraveMind? lol

Anonymous said...

Welcome Mkoop.... why no pics in your first post?

Chumbalaya said...

Thanks for stopping by.

And stay classy.

VT2 said...

May your path be littered with white roses.

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