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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Email in: Flesh Tearers: Gabriel Seth and a Jump Pack Army?


Recently found your blog and really enjoying your insight into the game - thought I would drop you a query on a possible new army I'm working on, and could assist...

I want to create a Flesh Tearers army list (1500 points), using Gabriel Seth. I really envisage Seth leading Assault Squads with Jump Packs, but as he himself has no Pack that really makes the idea of an all-Jump Pack army unworkable.

I'm also a big fan of a couple of Baal Predators, and would also like to incorporate FNP bubbles from some Priests if possible.

Wondered whether you have any ideas for developing the theme? What is the best way to use Seth? I'm having a hard time coming up with a reliable and "safe" delivery mechanism for Seth, especially in a Jump Pack army.

My current thinking is to build a Razorback spam list, and ditch the idea of Jump Packs in favour of smaller Assault Squads accompanied by Priests (but that wasn't really the initial theme I was after...!)

Any assistance appreciated!


Glad you're enjoying the blog Gorman. Unfortunately though, Seth and Jumpers don't really mix. You could try to make a Hybrd list with him but I'm not a fan of those (except for Koopa's) and at 1500 points it's going to be difficult. If you drop the Razors from that list and make them normal Jumper ASM and switch the Sanguinary Guard to Rhino based units such as Honor Guard, it could work but you have the same problem all Hybrid BA lists generally do. If you're happy with this, go for it! However, best competitive way is to simply take the model as a counts-as Libby in a pure Jumper army or go for a Rhino/Razorback style army as you suggested. Whilst the second is probably less competitive due to the lack of assault ramps on Rhinos and lack of numbers when with RBacks, Seth could at least be used as Seth. You could also run a Drop Dread list with Seth + some ASM as punching squads.

If either of those take your fancy I can flesh out the lists for you but as stated above, Seth isn't really going to go too well with a Jumper army I'm afraid and he doesn't bring any utility to the table (like psychic defense) and basically becomes a pretty paperweight. It's a shame as the model rocks and the rules are pretty decent but he just needs a damn jump pack... Anyway, here's a list based off of a Hybrid BA so Seth can be used but if you'd like the above lists, can do that, too.

1500 Seth Jumper

2x HG in TL-HFlamer RBacks w/2x power weapon, 2x meltagun
1x5x ASM w/TL-HFlamer RBack
2x10x ASM w/2x meltagun, PFist
2x Baals

Fiddle with points to make the HG more powerful but at 1500 that's somewhat decent. BA Hybrid issues jump out though with only 5 tanks and 37 infantry (20 on 'foot') and not much ranged firepower.

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