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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hybrid Blood Angels Army Log

<- The army!

As I delve into my first 40k army I wanted a list that focused on high mobility and was hard hitting with moderate fire support.  After all the recommendations for armies that fit this and specific builds I decided to go with Blood Angels as I enjoy the models the most.

The next step was creating the list, I have Chumbalaya and Kirby to thank for this step.  These two great minds hashed out a list and put a great amount of thought into it while keeping me informed for decisions and specific units I wanted to include.

This is the list we came up with, a hybrid BA list that offers the play style I was after.

1x Librarian Shield of Sanguinius; The Sanguine Sword

2x Sanguinary Priest; Jump Pack; Hand Flamer

1 Sanguinary Guard x5; Power Fist
1 Sanguinary Guard x5; Power Fist

5x ASM; meltagun; infernous pistol
1 Razorback; Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

5x ASM; meltagun; infernous pistol
1 Razorback; Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

5x ASM; meltagun; infernous pistol
1 Razorback; Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

5x ASM; meltagun; infernous pistol
1 Razorback; Twin-Linked Assault Cannon
2x Baal Predator  - Smoke Launchers; Twin Linked Assault Cannons

3x Dreadnought -  Smoke Launchers; Twin Linked Autocannon; Twin Linked Autocannon

Next step was to get the army.  After trading and buying used things quite a bit in fantasy I didn't want to deal with things similar to what I had in a trade for my Tau army, glue globs, broken pieces and things no completely to my standards.  So I decided I would purchase the army NIB.

Now this doesn't mean go out and buy everything retail, actually I recommend against that as there are so many possibilities to get things less expensive.

If you plan to purchase a new army outright I recommend talking to your LGS and seeing what kind of deals they can cut for you.  In my case I was able to work out a 35% discount on this lot as long as I pieced together enough of an army to have a retail value over $400.  Your LGS are trying to make money to as it is business, and you are bringing them a great deal of it.  By speaking with them like this it is an easy way for them to make money while saving you from having to buy at full retail price.  A win for everyone.

Pictures of the army boxes follow as the start of my WIP Army Log.  Stay tuned for updates as I work on assembling, converting, modeling, base and paint this army.  I will attempt to provide step by step tutorials on everything I do from the plastic wrap on the boxes to a fully painted playable army!

9 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Looking forward to it.

VT2 said...

I've been playing this game for a million years, buy tons of stuff on a yearly basis, and I'm intimidated by all that plastic.

Xaereth said...

Lol, I love having all the boxes I need for an army all in one place. Good luck on putting them all together/painting it.

Mike said...

Wondering why you went with the ASM squad boxes, rather than using half as many Tac squads, as your ASM dudes in the Razorbacks wont need their Jump Packs.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow bells, that is a lot of plastic... eagerly watching!

Katie Drake said...

Wow, do want.

I wish I could afford to splurge like that...

Kirby said...

This is one of the only Hybrid BA lists I really like and we all know how I feel about Hybrid BA :P. And the best thing bout it is, with some magnets I can get the whole army with what I have =D.

I'll be looking forward to your progression with the army Koopa, especially how you do the TL-asscannons.

Kaleth said...

What does LGS stand for?

Kirby said...

Local Game Store.

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