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Friday, September 24, 2010

Email in: IG Tech Priests

“Hey Kirby,

In an aussie tournament environment, what do you think of putting a tech priest in the army with twin servitor plasma cannons? I can only imagine they'd help your comp score, particularly if say you brought to servitors with servo arms as well (5 man squad).

Hide them behind a Russ, and use fire on my target to deny your opponent cover saves. This could be great versing Long Fangs and what not.

I can't think of what else I'd really give the fire on my target to to be as effective - obviously plasma/melta at short range, or heavy weapon vets firing at smoked transports. But this could hurt?



Comp’d maybe, depends how much of a bonus you get (*waves to black box*) but my usual stance on this would to be just go for what’s good and tech-priests aren’t that good. Sure dropping two AP2 blasts which re-roll covers is nice but Medusas simply ignore cover (except area terrain) and what sits back and shoots that’s Sv2+ outside of CML termies? There are much better allocation of points and whilst Tech-priests can be kinda decent in a parking lot, you’ll often find yourself getting more use out of Marbo, Stormtroopers or PBS in Chimeras not to mention your orders have better targets like Heavy Weapon squads or Infantry Blobs.

7 pinkments:

Darkwynn said...

Medusas do not deny cover saves. I think you meant Colossus. You might want to change that in your article.

If you meant Medusas they area str 10 Ap 2 shot that is a direct fire and do not ignore cover in any way.

GreyICE said...

Colossus isn't AP 2 though, it's 3.

Nah, the squad described is just worse than the Leman Russ Executioner, which is the actual direct comparison (or any of the Russi family with side sponsons).

Kris said...

Well, Broadsides sit in cover with a 2+ and shoot, but I admit there's not many.

fester said...

To be honest, seeing an IC with dual Plasmacannons attached (regardless of the IC's poorness) might effect your comp score negatively.

Jason said...

I wonder - I'll put up some lists online to see. Executioners are alot more epensive (and obvious lol) and dont ignore cover. I think the tech priests would be much easier to hide than a colossus.

But its pointless if it doersnt help comp :)

Anonymous said...

It's not just the IC that's poor, it's the whole damned unit. BS3 plasma cannons aren't really that dangerous in the first place, and against the few armies it *is* dangerous (BA jumpers, for example) the unit is so fragile that it is not really a threat.

Why would a unit like that be a comp hit?


Jason said...

Not a comp hit, a comp bonus :) Which is what I'm looking for.

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