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Friday, September 24, 2010

Kirby goes away and new comment system

Yup, I'm taking a break from you people. I'll only be gone for a few days and since I have uni work to do will likely be online but very unlikely to be online significantly or interacting with the blog too much. I've answered most of the e-mails in my inbox received up to the 21st of September. If you've sent an e-mail in before then and I haven't replied please send me another as I didn't get it! Hopefully the guest authors will keep the posting going but who knows. We've obvioulsy had a bit of a light week in terms of 40k content due to the Swedish comp posts but that's died down enough now that there should only be a couple more posts by some guest authors who'd like to get their thoughts out and then back to regular business which means...another Armies in 5th series. I'm thinking Eldar though strong opinions in another direction might sway me. I will also attempt to finish off the first Articles in 8th and anything else which tickles my fancy (now's the time to put in requests).

Before I go...a lot of people have asked for a new comment system as large amounts of comments can be a pain under the blogger system. So I've hunted around and found a potential replacement called intense debate. Click here for a trial run. The advantages of this comment system are liking/disliking comments, being able to reply directly to other comments which tier off and start compressed (this helps with long conversations and doesn't take up as much room), edit function if you  have an account and looks a lot better. However, it doesn't connect with google so a new account is required (though it doesn't take long to setup), takes a bit longer to load than normal and whilst replying to comments allows for better conversations, this can make eye-wrenching when a bunch of people get involved spanning over 20 comments. So, I'd greatly appreciate if you could take the time to check it out and vote to the left on whether or not you're fine with the current comment system or would like the upgrade. I don't mind either way.

Also, now is a good time to drop any feedback. Lately I've added the chatterbox which seems to be a hit and also ratings to some posts. Feedback on these options would be fantastic. Outside of this past week, are you happy with the content of the articles and 40k/Fantasy ratio? What would you like to see more of or any suggestions? Any feedback is appreciated!

Enjoy your weekend.

4 pinkments:

Lyracian said...

I enjoy the site. In fact I have almost given up on Forums and just come here now. Not sure about the Fantasy articles; so far they seem very basic in comparison to the 40k ones.

VT2 said...

Think of them like my marine articles.
Before you get to the advanced parts, you need to cover the basics.

But I wanted to do eldar :'(

Chumbalaya said...

<3 the chat and Fantasy stuff.

Polymorphine said...

I was once a victim of Forumitis. If only I found this blog before I splurged on Farsight.. now he's just gonna become a 'counts-as' commander :(

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