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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Email in: One last one - Drop Pod gimmick

"Hey Kirby,

You might find this funny, and I probably wouldn't try it seriously. But a gimick which may have its uses;

The drop pod rules say (paraphrased) once a unit disembarks from a drop pod, no unit can re-embark the drop pod.

Because Drop Pods are simply dedicated transports, there is no reason you can't drop them empty - and thus as no one has disembarked, you are allowed to embark (though you can't disembark/re-embark again).

This isn't hugely useful; but with Dawn of War (or where your opponent deploys off the board), you can't see your opponent anyway - why not drop pod on your side of the board, and walk a longfang/devastator squad inside the drop pod? It is better than a rhino in a lot of ways - you can fire all your weapons out of it, being open topped, and you get armour 12 protection/significantly better line of sight for the game? Not a bad thing.

There are other uses, but thats probably the best one I can think of."

This doesn't work I'm afraid. It's not a question of if passengers disembark, no one else can get on, it's a case of once the Pod lands and any potential passengers disembark, no one else can get on. Whether or not there were passengers in the Pod is irrelevant.

Dropping empty pods as disruption, delaying, objective campers, etc. is a viable tactic though, especially when upping Pod numbers to get more in the first wave.

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Buzzer said...

People who would try to argue that make me think of the very worst kind of rules-lawyering. The rules are fairly clear, and trying to say that nothing had disembarked means you can put something in it after it has landed is wrong.

Reminds me of a guy I played against who tried to assault the turn his pods landed because they were and open topped transport... 'cept in that case the rules are damn clear you can't.

- Buzzer

Marshal Wilhelm said...


With combi weapons, after they have shot, what are they?

I am asking this with reference to Wound Allocation.

5 Combi meltas, 2 have shot. Are they still one allocatable unit, as they are no longer the same....

What do you all think?

Kirby said...

Still one 'group.' They are still combi-weapons but have used their special shot. Be the same if Vindicares were a squad or something.

Marshal Wilhelm said...


So even though they are not the same in game effect, that they were purchased as the same to begin with keeps them as one group....

A Pred with a HK missile fires the missile.
The Pred has had all of its weapons destroyed [sponsons and turret]. One more WD result will cause it to be immobilised.
Does the 'spent' HK missile need to be WD before getting an immobilise result too?

Kirby said...

No, it can't be destroyed just like a Deff rolla. It's 'part' of the tank.

Jason said...

If this missile hasn't been fired though, it counts as a weapon for the purposes of Weapon Destroyed.

This is clear at least in the guard codex, and I'm pretty sure that 'wargear that count as weapons' is also covered under the weapon destroyed.

I found it funny that most of the Tau upgrades are actually classed under the title of 'weapons' - even the upgrades that are standard with the Tau vehicle :)

VT2 said...

Yeah, extra guns on armor count as weapons in all respects.

Dropping empty pods is such a gimmick.

Marshal Wilhelm said...


Well I like this segment :D

The TWC + TWM.

They get rending attacks. Are they using a 'Special Close Combat Weapon' to do so, or is Rending included in their profile?

When a TWC buys a, say, Thunder hammer, we know you cannot stack the Rending on top of the TH.
Can the TWC choose to attack with either the TH or with the Rending attacks?
Or is Rending part of the TWC profile and as soon as a SCCW is given to the TWC, it cannot be used as it is just a 'normal' weapon [which happens to rend?

Or is Rending actually a SCCW [though it never is coined as the chain sword or the bolt pistol] and therefore the TWC can switch between the two.

Please don't say it's clear in the FAQ ;)

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Yoo hoo!

Kirby said...

I would say you can switch between the two but I'd have to go look at exact wordings, etc.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Go look

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