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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Email in: Update on Dakka Dakka tournament [2000 IG]

This is an email from Jason in regards to his experiences at the Dakka Dakka tournament.

"Hey Kirby,

Thought I'd give you an update about the Dakka-Dakka no comp tourney - to remind, my list was as follows.

Army comments; I had intended on taking 5x Chimeras and 3x Vendettas, but ended up not having the models.. had to cut back to 3x Chimeras, since two of the five were being used with my converted Manticores, and the Medusa's I'd ordered in were taking longer to assemble than I would have liked. But not to worry.

The Vendettas I was dissappointed with - my friend had said I could borrow two of his, and he gave me a valk and a vendetta instead. Then it turned out his Vendetta didn't have a base, and didn't even have a slot for one (it was an old forgeworld model). So though being no comp, the tourney had specified fully assembled and based, so this ended up being the final list :D I took the Eradicator mainly cause I needed to make up the points for the lack of Vendetta, and the Camo's on the Manticores since I was missing a Chimera worth of points...

First Game -- 5 objectives

Was versing a fearless Chaos Marine army - lots of nurgle marines, a squad of khornite marines, Sorcerer (maybe 2 - with lash), Oblits, Rhinos (for everyone), Vindicator, and I think about 4 demon squads (baby demons).

I thought I was going to lose horribly. I couldn't force his units back, and had some lousy luck with my scatter dice - I'm pretty sure I only really started hitting with the blasts around turn 3-4, and even then turn 4 was the big one. I've known since Cancon that my army struggled with fearless everywhere, hence the inclusion of the Demolisher - but the demolisher just simply didn't want to hit :) With my infantry not all being transports they got munched easily by the demons, but I was ready for that and shot them up pretty well after the first two squads bought it. My Inquisitior managed to lock a unit down in combat which worked nicely

My Assassin popped out around turn 3 and vaped a unit of nurgle marines, that eased my mind tremendously. My opponent ran away from my assassin with the remaining Sorcerer, and failed to kill him with the two oblits shooting him down (go 4+ invuln!) - which gave my assassin the chance to seriously hurt another nurgle squad.

Then my Demolisher got lucky, as a vendetta opened up the rhino for the khornites that were way, way too close to my lines, and the demolisher wiped out the squad to a man (cover didn't save him).

In the end, I think he had a daemon on one objective, with my assassin contesting the same objective - who'd win in that fight I wonder? :) - I contested an objective using my vendetta that he held with 3-4 nurgle marines, and I held two objectives of my own with entrenched guard.

Second Game -- 2 objectives

Was versing a very good player - Alex had told me he has been officially ranked #1 in Aus at times. He ran a missile launcher marine list, no tanks but a fair number of rhinos (1 razer), wolf guard, lone wolves, rune priests (the ones that stop your powers?), and a melta-drop pod squad.

It was a pretty back and forward game; he nailed my manticores first and second turn - killed one outright, and stunned the other, then killed it turn two. He got crazy-lucky with 2 pen melta shots into my Russ squadron, which killed both. But at the same time, he failed to bring down one of my vendettas, which ended up contesting his objective while I held mine. I mostly made his units run away while I shot up the ones coming too close. I'd expected a draw though - without really having the transport capacity to get my troops over there, and with my vendetta downed and my manticores downed, I had a much harder time cracking his transports early on.

Third Game - Annhilation/Dawn of War

I was versing Avatar, Eldrad, Seer Council on Bikes, Falcon/small dire avenger unit (with eldrad), Fire Dragons/wave serpent, 2x3 (maybe 2x6?) bike units, fire prism, night spinner.. sounds about right.

He deployed off board apart from his Avatar, and I didn't want to get to close to his lines with being annhilation to try spotlighting the back board Avatar - so I held back and waited for him to come on.

Second turn, I blew away alot. Killed his wave serpent and most of the dragons. Immoblised the fire prism. I killed 3/9 of his seer council, dropped their leadership... and watched him roll 4+1+1 for his fallback, when a total of 8 would have sent him off the board :) He got lucky and fired his falcon with guide into my inquisitor squad, where I failed all my 3+ cover saves (going to ground) and was instant gibbed.

Third turn, I killed his Falcon, all but 1 fire dragon, all but 1 bike, killed his avenger squad. I moved my russ squadron into a better firing sight, and was rewarded with an immobilise result on my demolisher - which being in a squadron, was destroyed outright! In return his seer council, now fortuned, raced through my lines and killed a combined guard squad with primaris, also killing my vendetta. I think maybe my valk had been downed already? Or just stunned.

My assassin charged Eldrad, fluffed, and got killed in return :) Stupid Eldrad.

At this point, there wasn't a lot I could do about his seer council, and the time was running out, so we called it there. I think the score ended up being 7-4; whilst if his seer council had run off the board, it would have been a slaughter of the eldar.

This game was a lot of fun; but I hadn't really reckoned with the Avatar rules. Fortunately, I think Alex had bad deployment on his behalf which allowed me to force the seer council to run in the first place, so next time I won't be able to count on making them run. However, I also had had the firepower to probably kill his seer council outright on the first turn; I opted instead to disable other things, and not risk bringing him futher away from the board edge when I knew he'd run. I also made a mistake I think in not targeting the Avatar in the first turn Dawn of War. The callidus could have brought him forward a bit, and statistically my army would have killed him outright.

Overall it was a good tourney - I would have liked to run more Vendettas and Chimeras, which I think would have helped a fair bit, but oh well. The games were played well and enjoyed by everyone :)

Warm regards


Food for thought for everyone. Will post my own thoughts on the reports when I get back from work (rushing out atm) but would be interested to see what others say first.

5 pinkments:

Kirby said...

Okay well here are my thoughts in general (my thoughts on the army list can be seen in the linked post). Edit: I didn’t bother reading Jason’s army before Ijust linked it so apparently there were a few changes which he outlines in the first paragraph.

Game 1:
You had the firepower to pop his tanks and an eradicator, you should never of thought you’d have issues, especially since the eradicator was in a squadron and he didn’t have much in terms of anti-tank. This is the problem with relying on the PBS for lowering Ld though, you hit a fearless army and a lot of your gimmicks are useless. PBS are a great unit for chucking out a high strength blast AND having the utility to screw people’s leadership, not the other way around. Whilst being able to ID everything with a Callidus assassin looks great on paper, real hammer says no! (lol). Your infantry were happy to be munched, that means no meltaguns were getting close to your demolisher and manticores.

Game 2:
Not much to comment on. Who ended up winning, I’m assuming you? Again, your Russes should have been protected from melta with an infantry squad as bubble-wrap.

Game 3:
Don’t move squadrons, skimmers flat out, etc. into terrain unless doing so will win you the game. When a Seer Council doesn’t have Fortune and you have the firepower you had, yes you should of killed it the first turn or done as much damage as possible. The Eldar list, like most Eldar lists, don’t have much ranged anti-tank and whilst his Dragons getting into the fray would of hurt (bubble-wrap would of helped), losing a tank is a lot less painful than having your army chomped through by the Council. Who cares about the Avatar? Again, you were focusing too much I think on the ability for your PBS to fiddle with opponent’s Ld. Shoot first, fiddle later.

Without pics and more details that’s here’s what I think you need to work on: bubble-wrap and target priority. The main thing with target priority is your PBS are damage first, utility later and this should change how your army list works in a competitive setting. Having units run screaming or stand dead still or be roasted alive, etc. is nice and fun when it works but killing them dead means…well they’re dead. Also, especially with IG firepower, pick your units and kill them. With tanks it’s different as you want to stop as much incoming firepower as possible (suppression fire) but once a unit isn’t in a tank or doesn’t use a tank (I.e. the seer council) KILL IT. Protect your tanks as well with cheap throw-away squads. Your Infantry squads weren’t mounted up so they should have been throwing their lives on the line for the important tanks.

Glad you had fun though! And sorry didn’t make it to BB yesterday, have had a wicked cold on and off this past week and got the better of me today and I wanted to work seeing as I need cash atm lol.

Gunn Bot Mk IV said...

How come I can't find anything about this tourney on Dakkadakka?


Kirby said...

It's an Australian tournament called Dakkadakka.

Jason said...

Nah thats fine, didn't make the Saturday till late anyway.

I agree with the BWraps; I didn't attempt to wrap around my tanks at all.

I'm thinking about changing to using a techpriest with two plasma cannons, behind a leman russ. Then using the fire on my target order to take out space wolve long fangs and such. Too much do you think? Obviously it is only 3-5 guardsmen models in the squad, though I can order them to go to ground, and ideally they are out of line of sight.

Jason said...

I won the second game, but it probably ought to have been a draw (he just couldn't kill my vendetta).

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