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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Comment System: Intense Debate

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Yes, another not so fantastic amazing post by me guys, sorry. Super busy atm with uni work but luckily Puppy stepped up to the plate last night. And guess what (what you ask?), new comment system is up! Now I know some of you didn't want it, but popular opinion (67% of vote) were keen to give it a go. The only real issue is lack of google connectivity. This means you guys have to make a new account to comment (unless you have one of the other login options) so isn't too big of an issue. This is mostly a problem for me in the long-run as I need to run more crap behind the scenes to keep up with everything and ensure it runs smoothly.For the first couple of days I imagine it will be annoying for you guys as well as you need to make new accounts (or not, whatever floats your boat) and there will be two comment systems being run as old posts have stayed with google. This should fade within a couple weeks but for archived posts which get a lot of visits like the Armies in 5th articles, this could become an issue. I'll see if I can export old comments to the new system if we decide to use it.

So, we're going to give it a trial run of about a week, maybe more. Any comments or feedback you have in relation to the new comment system please save for the follow-up post, post it here or e-mail me. I know it's annoying to have to create a new account and having the old system stay in place for the older posts but in the long-run I think it will be worth it. A better interface which can be logged in from Twitter, Facebook, Gravatar, Wordpress, OpenID, Guest or Intense Debate and provides threading, editing, liking/disliking, smilies, sharing, video and a bunch of other minor features makes it a good idea in my mind and will hopefully promote more discussion and be easier to read/navigate. I didn't go for DISQUS because of the lack of login options compared to Intense Debate, loading times and a bunch of other issues I've heard about from people. The extreme threading is also an issue (not so much on Intense Debate) and whilst a lot of you could of used DISQUS accounts, I thought specifically the load times were an issue I didn't want to run into.

Anyway, hopefully this will be a good thing for the blog and importantly for you the readers (oh how cliche)! Hopefully I'll be able to put up some concept lists for Centurion soon and answer some e-mails I got whilst I was away and continue on with the Armies in 5th/8th articles within the next 24 hours depending on how I feel (ya I'm still sick, thanks for asking :P). This is another chance as well for you to ask any questions, state anything, etc. etc.

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