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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Email in: hybrid marines?

Loyd said: "Sorry - me again!

Whilst I think I will run SM bikers as my main 2000 points list, how would you extrapolate the 1500 list up to 2000?

I can either add another predator and a tooled up command squad in a plasmaback, or a land raider with some assault terminators inside. I also like the thought of 6 multi melta attack bikes rushing a flank whilst the armour dominates the middle of the board, giving the enemy too much to shoot at, and too much to think about.

I also agree on the devs - anything that can't remain mobile and re deploy is out for me, apart from rifleman dreads...

Thanks again for your insight!"

(For reference, the list at 1500 is: Librarian, 2x10 tacs in rhinos, 1x5 tacs in pLASmaback, 2 rifleman dreads, BBQ sternguard in rhino, 5 assault marines in rhino, 2 dakka preds)


I'd add a second plasmaback squad, a third predator, 2x2 attack bikes with multi-meltas, and pass out combi-meltas to all the sergeants, and give the sternguard some, too.

Other options are the command squad and an old faithful captain, of course, and hunter-killers for all your vehicles.
One land raider is just bait. Two or bust, pretty much.

You're very welcome. It's good to know I'm having an effect on how people approach their marines.

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