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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New High Elf Mini Pics

Several weeks back GW sent out a newsletter stating new HE minis were on the way. This combined with Island of Blood (my order is in BTW! Thanks Wayland <3) and the new 8th edition rule-set is one of the biggest reasons I'm getting into Fantasy. Thanks to scouring the interwebs and the forums (which are actually useful for rumors if not tactics), I've found some pretty pictures and potential prices :O. The rumors indicate there are four new plastic boxed sets (one being a new battlion) which includes Dragon Princes, White Lions and Phoenix Guard. Bye bye Metals! There are also two metal blisters but who knows what they are going to be... The boxed sets seem to include fully customisable minis including full commands with the Princes getting 5 models and the infantry models grabbing 10 a piece. Certainly better than what's out there now and at better prices.

So here are the pics I've scoured. Shiny yes?

Dragon Princes:

White Lions:

Phoenix Guard:

Advance orders can be placed on GW's website (aww) and you can also check out the Magic battle cards which is the first picture in this post. Exciting time to be a HE general it seems and lucky for you, after the Magic articles they'll be my first Armies in 8th series.

4 pinkments:

Zenos said...

Mr. Kirby. I challenge you sir to a duel!

The forces of the true rulers of all Elven kind are now massing across the sea..... we are coming....

Dreadlord Zenos. :)

Chumbalaya said...

Holy fucking shit.

I want HE now.

Kirby said...

Zenos. I see your challenge and raise you a cute kitty kat!

Gx1080 said...

OMG plastic Dragon Princes of Caledor.

They look even more awesome.

All that shit is in WArhammer Advance Orders.

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