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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Centurion Mission Pack Updated!

For those of you who have been thinking of coming along to Centurion in Rockhampton Qld Australia next March, the mission pack has been worked on and more information has been added to allow for playtesting and list writing.

It can be found here:

The order is a little off logically, but this will be re-worked over the next few days into hopefully a more logical format.
On tournament day, you will be provided with the ruleset as part of your your grab bag. To ensure the rules dont feel lonely, your grab bag will have a pile of dice for the event, a pen, and whatever else I can manage to beg borrow or steal from the local community!

Finally, an open offer to people who are not Australian. If you can manage to catch a leaky boat or plane to our little island in the Pacific, and are one of the first 5 to let me know you are coming, I will organise a free ticket to the event for you. To qualify for this, you have to actually not be an Australian resident and have come from a different country.

Remember, if you can come along you will be playing alongside Kirby himself! Also, rumour has it that some of the top 20 ranked players in Australia (via Rankings HQ which is actually accurate here) will be attending the event. It will be something special, I can guarantee!

To get more information, sponsor, or register, email me!

9 pinkments:

Kirby said...

Still not happy with random games on Day 2. I'd 'randomise' them now so they are set in stone for the final day.

Also need to let people know how ICs work for VP. Full wounds = 0, wounded = 1/2, dead = full or however you wish to do it.

And need to determine how units split over multiple table quarters are handled (i.e. roll-off if 50/50 otherwise whichever quarter the majority is in). Specifically state units can control/contest multiple objectives (if you're allowing it) and are objectives impassable? After this at LoT want to make sure =D.

All that I can think of atm.

VT2 said...

So if I were to register, my swedisness would guarantee that my ticket was paid by someone else?

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... a free ticket....

fester said...

If you had to hop in a plane and fly accross the world, then yes... I would find a way to pay for your ticket :)

Kirby - I will fix those
I think IC needs to be more 'multi-wound single models' so it covers IC/MC

Thanks for that, this is the sort of stuff I needed :)

VT2 - if you come, you can also bring a non-comp army without having to count up negatives. Good hey :)

fester said...


Kirby said...

Wow yell it why don't you. How's the dice situation coming along? Allowing in specific brands from outside or all force-fed =D?

fester said...

All force fed.
No magic dice allowed.

If I didnt do it I would have more money to spend on other shit :)

Kirby said...

Shotgun orange ones then! I need orange ones...

The Wolf's Lunch said...

Dibs on purple ones :D

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