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Friday, October 22, 2010

Email in: Chaos 2000 Rhino Spam

"Hello again Kirby and crew. This is Ty/LVH. You and VT2 helped me with my chaos list building quite a while ago. So after much proxying and list building I found both builds to be rather lacking once they lost a key component such as the oblits. I've ended up with much more success with the following list.

Lash Sorcererx2

2x Melta
1x Flamer

Plague Marines#5x4
2x Plasma
Plague Marines#5
2x Flamer

Fast Attack:
Heavy Support:
2x Flamer
2x Melta

This list has had some very good success but, I'm thinking of dropping the second sorcerer for extra armor on my lead rhinos(the chosens'.) What are you're and VT2's thoughts on honing the list?"

I love Rhino spam lists for Chaos :P. You don't need EA, you get the bonus of EA through armor saturation. What you really need though is Havoc Launchers. It adds to your ranged anti-infantry and really helps when you start tank shocking people into lolcluster formations. Couple ways to do this. You can drop one of the Sorcerors or dump the Plagues into CSM. I'd prob go for dropping the Sorc and also only have maybe 2 Plague squads with Plasma, the rest should have meltaguns. Any spare points can go into combi-meltas on the Rhinos.

Problems with this list are obviously range and the concept is done a lot better by SoB and BA with Immolators and fast Razorbacks which can be supported by autocannons. Potentially changing the Havocs to Oblits could help with this but those Oblits are obvious targets early on.

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