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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Email in: daboyz GT Eldar list review [1850]

I was naughty due to my thesis and have only just gotten to this. Mafty (the e-mailer) sent me two lists but has since submitted a list (seen below) for comp rating so I've removed the part of his e-mail which relates to his old lists. Sorry for the delay!

"Alright I secured myself one of the final spots for da boys GT, and Ill be bringing my eldar. Im trying to shake things up since the last few GTs ive run my eldar list in havent done so well (essentially min dire avengers x3 in waveserpents/falcon and a large 9 man jetlock council. add in 2 fire dragon squads and 2 fire prisms, and thats my 1850/2k list ive taken to the last couple GTs and hasnt done well at all).

So for the daboys, since its heavily comped, im going to try and bring more duality units and larger units (min DA really just isnt working for me, once those boxes explode man are they useless.) So with comp in mind and the idea of mixing it up and not netlisting the eldar (basically what I was running before) I give you 2 lists, the first is a LOT more comp friendly (IMO atleast.....) and ive actually run something like it for a while before and it does okay depending what army I play. The second list is basically my past list tonned down for comp, which really isnt shaking it up any, but it helps comp out if I feel like running my typical mech eldar list which hasnt done well at all lately.


Fire Dragons x5
Wave SerpentShuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
Fire Dragons x5
Wave SerpentShuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

Dire Avengers x10 Exarch, Power Weapon & Shimmershield, Bladestorm
Wave SerpentBright Lance, underslung
Dire Avengers x9 Exarch, Power Weapon & Shimmershield, Bladestorm150
Wave SerpentBright Lance, underslung
Storm Guardians 102 x Flamer, Warlock, Destructor
Wave SerpentBright Lance, underslung

Heavy Support
Fire Prism
Fire Prism


Mmmkay, well two special characters aren't going to do your comp any good. Eldrad alone will drop your comp score because comp just doesn't like special characters (even Farsight!). With that in mind I think both Eldrad and Yriel can go which frees up a lot of points. They do bring some goodies to the table but in terms comp, they probably become less efficient to their counterparts depending upon the black box used. The problem with full DA squads is once their boxes explode...well they are still useless. Sure they might get off a bunch of shots but more likely than not they are going to jump out, shoot and die. If you want this type of squad go for Storm Guardians. They have much less damage potential but can run duality builds (double fusion + destructor or double flamer + spear) for cheaper and since you're looking at duality for your units I'd lean towards that setup.

This saves you points to go with the points you've saved on your HQs. Immediately put all of those points into underslung cannons for the Prisms and Fire Dragon serpents (who don't really need spirit stones but they are a nice upgrade if you have the spare points). This gives you about 300 points to play with so you can grab a Farseer (Doom, RoWard) and still have enough points for some playtime. With these points you can grab a Fire Prism and Autarch or a third Fire Dragon squad. Since you had Eldrad and Yriel in your original list and 3 Dragons is going to impact your score worse than 3 Prism, I think we'll go with the Prisms. All of this will take us to 1796 points so we can drop in some upgrades. We can make the Seer have two powers but not really needed since most things are twin-linked and we can't double cast Fortune so we'll chuck some upgrades onto the Dragon Serpents so they can play at range, too. This gives us:

Farseer w/Doom, Runes of Warding
Autarch w/Fusion Gun
2x5x Dragons w/Serpent w/TL-Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
2x10x Storm Guardians w/2x fusion gun, Warlock w/Destructor w/Serpent w/TL-BL, shuriken cannon
10x Storm Guards w/2x flamer, Warlock w/Destructor, Singing Spear w/Serpent w/TL-BL, shuriken cannon
3x Fire Prism w/shuriken cannon

Totals: 1849 points
8 tanks
42 infantry

The triple Prisms might drop comp a bit so you can drop one of them in favor of 2x Vypers (dropping the upgrades on the Dragon serpents nets you 3x Vypers) but every unit outside of the Prisms is anti-tank and anti-infantry (Prisms can do anti-tank but not very efficiently) and you're not running around with DAVU Serpents. You'll have to get a bit more used to running Eldar Troops like this as you need to know when to get them out and when not to.

Thoughts Mafty and comp goers?

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