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Friday, October 8, 2010

Email in: I love C:BA [2x 1750 Blood Angels]

"Hi Kirby, been reading the blog for quite some time and just recently started posting a couple of replies here and there and thought I'd drop you an email.

Anyway I'll start by saying that I love the BA codex and the options it presents for making entirely different army styles. I'm at a point where I want to start painting a new army but I can't for the life of me decide what to do. Here are a couple of lists I'm interested in running with, can you take a look? (most games I play are at 1750)

First is a Blood Rodeo pretty much the same as your list with the 2nd Lib dropped for the (IMHO more versatile) speeders:

Librarian, Jump Pack, Shield/Sword
2 Sang Priests with JP
5 Terminators with TH/SS
10 Assault Marines, 2xMelta, PF
10 Assault Marines, 2xMelta, PF
5 Assault Marines, Melta
8 Bikes, melta, flamer, PF, AB with MM
5 Bikes, melta, flamer, PF, AB with MM
2 x speeder, MM/HF


The other is mech:

Librarian, Shield/Lance (pod for lance or go in a razorback for shield bubble?)
HG, 4 melta, Drop Pod
5 ASM, flamer, RB with TL assault cannon
5 ASM, flamer, RB with TL assault cannon
5 ASM, flamer, RB with TL lascannon
5 ASM, flamer, RB with TL lascannon
5 ASM w/jump packs, melta, infernus pistol
Baal, flamestorm + dozer
Baal, TL assault cannon + HB sponsons
Baal, TL assault cannon + HB sponsons
Pred, AC + LC sponsons
Pred, AC + LC sponsons

=1730 (20pts to spend, possibly upgrade some flamers to melta or add hand flamers. Or HKM)

The other option is also to drop a furioso dread in place of the HG for an extra AV13 target to deal with turn 1 on top of scouting Baals. Downside is Melta + Magna grapple (albeit rear armour) is not as good as 4 melta). Could also drop the jump pack DOA ASM for the 3rd ACLC pred.

To be honest, the second list looks a bit more attractive since I can see how it works on the surface and my current army is footdar so moving vehicles would be a nice change. I've only played a single game proxying with the Rodeo and struggled to really use it to best effect (facing Loganwing).

Keep up the good work kirbs, you've certainly made me a lot more confident in the online gaming community after too much time on warseer and elsewhere.


I too love the BA codex and think it gets too much flak from the interent but whatever. Your first list is fine (obviously) outside of the Speeders. They're nice but you're really only taking them for the Deep Strike potential as otherwise they are simply going to get shot by S7 and die early. If dropping the 2nd Libby I'd rather add some combat weapons to the Priests and/or increase the Bike squad size so you can get 4 bike squads through combat squadding.

For the second list, RBacks should have TL-asscannons, TL-heavy flamers or LasPlas depending on what you want them to do. I'd lean away from TL-las and for this list would run TL-asscannons. I'd also change the Baals to all Flamestorms with no sponsons and make the ASM carry meltaguns over flamers and drop the 5 man ASM squad since you've got the Honor Guard in a pod. With these extra points you should be able to grab another ACLC Pred for flanking fun. Put the Libby in one of the RBacks btw for shield. Lance is great on the drop but that unit will likely die and you basically throw away your psychic defense if you do. I'd take Sword as the second power though if you wanted Lance/Shield you could Pod when there isn't any need for psychic defense but have to be careful with your mech movement then.

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