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Friday, October 8, 2010

Email in: army list for review [1750 Marines]

"Hey Kirby (or whoever responds to this)

I am a long time reader, and first time contacter who is wondering (hoping) if you will look at an army list for me. I have decided to get you to look at it rather than post it on other sites, as you appear: A) more reasonable, B) less abusive, and C) are not warseer (I like going there, but its not exactly conducive to learning anything other than how to argue and troll...) Just a little background before I start, this list is being built for a tournament next year where a group of us are all going with pre-heresy armies (as you may guess this is totally forgeworlds fault) and which is set at 1750 (which is the points we are used to playing). Due to it being pre-heresy, there are many things which we cannot use (including razorbacks and land raider crusaders/redeemers), and as such this list is built around trying to circumnavigate these self imposed restrictions while still being competitive.
Anyway onto my list.

Pre-heresy Iron Hands

Vulkan (yes i know, but i am planning on modelling him as a Adeptus Mechanicus Magos, with the Iron Hands as a bodyguard for him)

5 x Terminators, TH/SS
Dreadnought, TL auto-cannons, TL auto-cannons
Dreadnought, TL auto-cannons, TL auto-cannons

10 X Tactical Marines, flamer, multi-melta, sergeant with combi-melta and powerfist (quick question, do you think the combi-melta benefits from Vulkans rule?), mounted in a rhino
10 X Tactical Marines, flamer, multi-melta, sergeant with combi-melta and powerfist, mounted in a rhino

Landspeeder, multi-melta, heavy flamer
Landspeeder, multi-melta, heavy flamer

Land raider, multi-melta (would probably have the terminators and Vulkan in it, or could end up with a combat squad to make it scoring)

I know this list has some things which people disagree on (vindicators, the normal land raider), but i am hoping that having quite a few threats such as these will mess with peoples target priorities and stop them from getting too destroyed, too quickly. I am also hoping that Vulkans rules are used to full affect with 5 multi-meltas, 3 heavy flamers, 2 possible meltas, and 2 flamers, as well as the thunder hammers.

So anyway what do you think and what would you consider changing?

Many thanks

Un-sunny England"

I think you've already highlighted the weak points of the list, the Vindicators and Land Raider. Whilst the Vindicators will certainly draw firepower away from the rest of your force, whatever is in Heavy Support/Elites/Fast Attack generally does that in comparison to Troops choices which is what you want. I feel dropping the Vindicators and the Land Raider (yes, the Land Raider) to 3 Dakka Preds. Godhammer Land Raiders aren't that scary. Whilst it's a pretty reliable platform for 2x Lascannons, you don't want to move it forward too quickly as you can't shoot the lascannons, becomes a single rock unit if you do, is poor against infantry and is therefore a very big point sink for basically a large paper weight. I think running the Terminators as a bubble-wrap in this case would be better rather than potentially riding the Land Raider.

With the points you save from the Heavy Support swap you could buy a Scout squad (did they exist in pre-heresy?), more Speeders or more Terminators. I'd also steer away from the PFists on Tactical squads because you've got the Terminators to bail you out but the combi-weapons are fine. 3 preds/4speeders/2rhinos/terminators/2dreads provides a lot more target problems to your opponent than LR/2vindis/2speedrs/2rhinos/terminators/2dreads though your scoring is a bit limited if you don't grab the extra Scout squad.

What do you think of those changes? A little more 'generic' but much more balanced and competitive.

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