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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Email in: My List [1850 Daemons]

"Okay, the first list is one I'd consider tough. It's not the most optimized, but it's close.

I sent that in for a comp check - I wanted to see how they'd score it.

60 is average, so we're shooting for lists that score at least average so we can make up the lack in comp in battle points.

The second list is one I'm toying with. It's meant to score better in comp.

Now... how much better? The trick - as I see it - is to make changes that are worthwhile. If I lose games because of the change, then it wasn't worth it, right?

Anyway, your opinions are always welcome.


1850 Pts - Chaos Daemons Roster - Brent's Basic 1850 List

2x Tzeetch Herald w/Gaze, Master, Bolt, Breath
1x GUO

6x Fiends w/Unholy Might
2x 6x Fiends
2x 5x Horros w/Bolt
2x 5x Plaguebearers
3x DP w/Tzeetch Mark, Bolt, breath

& the 1850 'comped' list

Tzeetch Herald w/Gaze, Master, Bolt, Breath
Khorne Herald w/Unholy Might, Hellblade, Juggernaught
1x GUO
2x 6x Fiends w/Unholy Might
5x Plaguebearers
10x Plaguebearers
10x Horrors w/Bolt
9x Flesh Hounds + Karanak
10x Bloodletters
2x Soul Grinders w/Vomit"

Well Brentus, I think the first list is fine (it was comped at 55 people). I'd drop the GUO for more troops personally (Bloodletters or 2x more Horrors?) but you've got the main bases covered with Fiends/Chariots/DPs and "don't hurt me" plaguebearers. I know some people (like Chumby) prefer Soul Grinders over DPs for heavy support but I feel 3 AV walkers in a deep striking army are obvious targets for anti-tank weapons *cough  meltaguns.* In regards to replacing it for the 2nd list, I wouldn't bother. I have no idea how much comp gain you would get for the 2nd list but I'd stick with the first list. It's just much more balanced and capable of dealing with mech whilst still being scary in combat.

Again, I'd drop the GUO. Yes it might give you a comp boost but in the end, your list is going to more solid using those points elsewhere. Personally I would either increase your anti-mech with more Heralds or Horrors w/Bolt (which also provides more scoring) or more combat potential with Bloodletters (which also provides more scoring). You lose an MC with a bunch of wounds but gain some flexibility.

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