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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few pics for your pleasure.

With chatbox, we now get to speak with quite a number of the 40k community on a regular basis and I think it's nice to see how their armies are coming along. I encourage everybody I speak with to send some pics into any of us at 3++ and I'm sure we're all very happy to post them all for viewing. Other peoples' work is where I get the majority of my inspiration from and as not everybody has or posts on a blog, I'm happy to display anybody's work that wishes to show it off. Maybe it could be a 3++ 'feature'? I like this concept.

First up, Fortythree's tyranids. I asked him to send me in a few pics of how his tyranid force is coming along after a bit of a discussion about colour schemes a few weeks back. He kindly sent in an example of one of his gants and his pretty Tevigon.

I'm a big fanny of the colour scheme, my only comment would be on the bases. Flat green flock, just doesn't seem to work. I'm pretty certain Fortythree said he was changing this anyway, so make sure you keep us updated.

Whilst we're on the subject I just wanted to give a shout-out to Matt Varnish. I think I've linked his nids in a previous post, but whilst I'm posting pics I may as well get an actual pic of them up.

Now how awesome are those bugs? I want to go and buy some every time I see them and they still give me the tinglies. Please go tell him what a mighty fine job he's doing.

Just to finish, a few examples of my own work. It's got nothing on the 43's or MV's work, but as I talk about them so much, it's nice to put a face to a name.
One of my crusader squads and my W.I.P. Sanguinary guard. Not sure about the 'gluggy' (thanks Kirbs :P) power effect and not sure how to finish the eyes, but I'm reasonable happy with the armour.

So there we go. Just a few pics to keep your Monday rolling. Please comment freely. No butt-hurt to be had, I promise.

Readers, keep pics coming in and I'l try and get them up on a weekly basis if they're supplied.

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