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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Codex Orks Review: Part 8, Army Lists. Dread Bash

 Now that the comments have died back a little, we move onto the coolest list for conversions and crazyness -
Dread Bash / Kan Wall

So, what are we looking at here fluffwise?

Well, to put it simply, Mad Mek [Enter your name here] has decided in his infinite (read, somewhat misguided) wisdom that the coolest thing on the planet would be to have a bigass horde of Walkers cruising around Krumping things.

OK, so maybe not so misguided. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Infact, its SO good it got its own Apocolypse formation.

So what does this mean from a listbuilding perspective.

First, we want max walkers, so thats either 5 Dreads, or 2 Dreads and 9 Kans.

This means that out of our points value, we are taking (by default):

2 Meks, usually KFF to keep those walkers up. 170 pts (minimum).
2 Dreads: average 200 pts. Usually 210 as we would run Quad CCW
9 Kans: Either all-Rokkits or all GrotZookas on your preference. Average 450pts

This means, for our core, we are already at (in my demo list) 830pts.

This leaves us 920/1170 pts to play with.

Usually in a Kan list, we now fill with Boyz to make it a huge number of models, covered by Walkers for a 4+ coversave, who are also covered by KFF for Hull Down (4+ again) making a big fat slow anvil for your enemy to be crushed on.

All in all, a sound, and damn effective tactic.

So lets look at a traditional list, and something my little brain cooked up that runs along the same theme.

Traditional Kan Wall: 1750
2 x Big Mek, KFF
3 Loota Squads (7,7,8) Lootas are a Big Mek's friend, and fit here good and proppa!
2 max Grot Squads
2 x 20 Ork Boys with Rokkits, Standard Nob (PK, Bosspole)
2 x DCCW Deff Dreads
Heavy Support
3 x 3 Kans, Rokkits

At 2000 points, add Deffkoptas, Buggies or more Lootas, all of which are Mek-made and fit the theme.

Big, slow, tough and dumb.

fester's Dread Bash
The Apocolypse formation is 4+ of : Stompas, Deff Dreads or full Kan Squadrons.

So, I took this and tried to shoehorn a Stompa into 40k.
Battlewagon. Lets go!

HQWarboss, PowerKlaw, Attack Squig, Cybork Body
Big Mek, Kustom Force Field, Cybork

TroopsNobs Squad x 7, Painboy, Big Choppas, Cybork Bodies, Waaagh Banner, Bosspole
BattleWagon, 'ard Case, Kannon, 4x Rokkit Launcha, DeffRolla

19 Slugga Boyz, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole
19 Slugga Boyz, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole
19 Slugga Boys, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole
19 Slugga Boys, Nob, PowerKlaw, Bosspole
Deff Dread, 2 Rokkits

Heavy SupportDeff Dread, 2 Rokkits
3 Killa Kans, Grotzookas
3 Killa Kans, Grotzookas

This list packs 8 walker and one wanna-be walker (aka KFF holder).
Something different.

When I say wanna-be walker, this is what I mean (my actual model)

This puppy stands about, oh, 10-12 inches tall to the crane top, and is built almost entirely from a Leman Russ Kit. The only parts that aren't, are a herb shaker and plasticard.

Here is something special to boot, a group hug shot of my current Kan Wall models!

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