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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Vincent Van Gogh Paints: Red Corsairs (and converts Night Lords and Sprays Black?)

(Obligatory Vince Carter pic since NBA season has just started again! - Go Celtics lol)

Hey all. Another instalment of the thrilling series which is how I paint various things. This one will be Red Corsairs and how I have built a few Night Lords since Kirby et al wanted to see some pics a little while ago ;) I've also added another part, how to get different effects with Black Spray.

So the curious one first. Wtf you might say? Just undercoat them black and be done with it. There's nothing more to it.

Well, if your main base colour is black, then I have found that spraying Chaos Black in fairly dry conditions gives the 'usual' undercoat result, however, spraying black in windy conditions (windy as in, you spray them and while they're drying its windy outside where they are drying) gives a different look to the black. It gives it a shinier coat, almost as if you have painted black on them and its come out shinier than if you were to spray them normally.. Its quite difficult to explain a bit more than that really.

I found this to be the case last week as I sprayed some Iron Hands tac marines and afterwards, compared them to something that came out a bit less shiny. I propose that this was the wind affecting the drying. It actually looks like you could do this effect for an entire army, however, the heavens need to be right for you to do this. It could be slightly problematic if half your army looks shinier than the other half, but you could always just Badab wash the entire army and it would look the same.

Obviously, it becomes very situational in achieving this effect, mainly depending on the conditions outside (assuming you would spray outside). Hence, its not greatly useful but just something to keep in mind when its a bit gusty outside and you want to spray something. The pic might not show it so well since its taken with flash (ftl).

So now the Night Lords. I've built a few guys, fairly impressed with how scary and Night Lordy they look. I used Beserker and CSM parts and ofcourse Night Lord shoulder pads which I am molding more of. There is also a classic sorceror there because I think that model looks awesome as a Night Lord. I plan to get a 2nd sorceror, the one who looks like the sorceror who betrayed Sindri in DoW I.

So now the actual painting part of the article ;) The Red Corsairs weren't very prevalent in 3.5 dex but in the more recent CSM dex, they're farking everywhere. In fact, the book is almost based on them. So I've painted up a few for a friend.

So how to do it? Simple :) Exhibits below.

The Reds: - Mechrite basecoat
- Devlan Wash
- Edge highlight with Mechrite 1:1 Blood Red (edge highlight and also do the lines where the red armour meets the black.

The Black: - Chaos Black (undercoat)
- Adeptus Battlegrey HL
- Devlan Wash

The Gold/Bronze: - Dwarf Bronze
- Devlan Wash
- Highlight with Dwarf Bronze 2:1 Mithril Silver

Metals: - Boltgun
- Devlan Wash
- Chainmail highlight (optional, I didn't do it on these guys since I think it looks quite nice as is, and its quicker)

Faces: - Dheneb Stone
- Leviathan 2:1 Badab Wash
- While still sort of wet from the wash, add Dheneb to the above wash mix and highlight.

Bases: - Scortched Brown drybrush (DB)
- Bestial Brown DB
- Snakebite Leather DB
- Bleached Bone DB
- Chardon Granite Rim

Weathering on Tanks: - Scorched Brown DB

More piccies can be found in my warseer log and my photobucket log (/plug). If you leave a comment on the warseer log(s), that would be much appreciated! Enjoy pinkies!

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