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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Email in: Blood Angel All-jumpers 1500 pt Army Advice

"Hi Kirby,

I've been looking to collect a BA army and happened to come across your blog. After reading the article 'How to: Jumper Armies', I was really sold on the idea. I've come up with the following army list:

Captain - 155 pts
- Jump Pack
- Twin Lightning Claws

Honor Guard - 205
- Jump Packs
- Blood Champion
- 2 Meltaguns

Sanguinary Priests x 2 - 180 pts
- Jump Packs
- Lightning Claw

10 Assault Marine Squad x 2 - 470 pts
- Jump Packs
- Power Fist
- 2 Meltaguns

5 Vanguard Veterans x 2 - 490 pts
- Jump Packs
- Power Fist
- 2 x Lightning Claw
- 2 x Storm Shield

Would that be enough troops or should one of the elite units be dropped for a normal assault squad. I'd also like to seek some advise on whether it'd be worth to drop some points elsewhere to bump the Power Fists on the VV up to Thunder Hammers. Seemed like a useful item to have in a prolonged melee.


That's a very solid list Ian and the only thing I'd change would by dropping the Captain to a Libby. I know twin-LCs are just awesome (I always used to use a twin-LC JP Captain in 4th for fun) but he's not that great in combat and doesn't add much to the army. The libby w/Blood Lance and Shield provides offensive prowess on the drop and defense for all of your guys out in the open + psychic defense which is important for a foot army. I'd also consider dropping an LClaw from each of the VV squads which gives you 60 points to play with. This means you can add an SS to each VV squad (total of 3) and either add meltaguns to the Honor Guard squad or some hand-flamers to the ASM squads. You could also upgrade the PFists to TH if you wish as well (I'd then add one meltagun to the Honor Guard).

There are a couple more Jumper list armies in my inbox and there have been quite a few comments lately on how to use this army so I think another post on these style of armies is coming. Keep your eyes peeled!

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