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Friday, October 15, 2010

Roland's Space Wolves: The Beginning

Hey all! So now that I'm back from Iraq it's time to start my WIP piece on my Space Pup army! As you can see to the right, I was quite busy with my deployment money while away, and managed to score around $300 worth of SW models off eBay. This is the first of many where I'll go into painting and conversion work, and I'd LOVE to have feedback from you all with areas you think I could improve upon or fine tune, especially in the realm of painting, for that is where I...suck. A lot. Here is a quick rundown of the swag I scored:

1X Mark II Carrying Case (Foam uncut/shaped);
1X Unopened box of Wolf Guard Termies;
1X Unopened box of Grey Hunters;
1X Drop Pod, disassembled; 1X LRC assembled (with some minor add ons needed); 4X Rhinos / RB's (with a AC turret, TLLC Turret, and TLHB turret); about 5-6 Grey Hunter Sprues; 1X Vehicle Sprue (incomplete); 5X Scouts (with 1X MG); 1X Dread with MM and DCCW; and a bunch of Greys and Termies. More to follow as I show some pics.

Without further ado:

First up, here are my three main Grey Hunter Squads. There is still much basing and painting to be done, and with all the excess bits I have and spare sprues (see the bitz bags in the first photo and the sprues) I'm thinking of swapping some of the already completed guys out with some guys that have a more "wolfy" feel: i.e. get rid of some of the standard, masked marines (especially in the third squad - photo 2) and replace them with some guys sans masks. Otherwise, I just need to tweak the Rhinos a bit more and add on some of those little detail pieces and begin the arduous task of painting. The other big thing I need is melta guns. I have a crap load of Greys with plasmaguns, but no meltas. So if anyone has any tips on how to convert meltas, I'd REALLY appreciate it. The other thing I need to do is tweak the Wolf Guard. As of now, third squad has a boltgun and a PF (so just need to convert a combi-melta), second squad is actually pretty much done with a thunderhammer and combi-melta (I'd rather he have a PF, but the guy I bought the models from modeled him with TH/Combi-Melta so I'll roll with it), and the first squad Wolf Guard has a bolter and PF (again need to make a combi-melta, and I'm going to turn his PF into Wolf Claws with some minor conversion work.)

Alrighty, above are my Long Fangs as they stand right now. I've got 3X ML's, 2X PC's, 2X HB's, and 1X MM. I need to buy another Devastator sprue (or two) to round out my three packs for my list. Also, any ideas on how to convert ML's? I was thinking of using the HK Missiles from the vehicle sprues to make them, but ideas welcome. The second photo are of all the termies I have. Majority are all dual WC for some reason (guess the old owner loved him some CC Terms), 1 has a HF and PF, and 1 have a SB and CF. Don't really know what I'm gonna do with these guys, prolly just paint them up and have them on standby. Though, I sort of want to use that HF term...

On the left you see my Scout squad, ready to be primed and painted. As of now my Elites slots are all taken up by Lone Wolves and Wolf Guard, but again, I'll do thee guys up to have on standby and to be able to swap out if I want to change things up a bit. Same goes with the Dread. I was thinking if I was going to use him, I'd run him as a suicide melta Dread in the Drop Pod. And finally in the background you can see Thor, my Lone Wolf with TH/SS. I don't think I'll do any conversion with him, but my other LW (Baldr) I'll be doing some moderate conversion work on. I'll save that for a later post :) And the other photo is just a larger view of the 3 Grey Hunter Squads.

Two views of my first wee bit of conversion on the disassembled Njal. I decided to turn him into a regular Rune Priest (well actually my RP Odin), and as such gave him a standard Frost Blade from the sprue to represent the Runic Weapon. I trimmed the shoulder pad and part of the elbow from the sprue to make it fit in perfectly.

Last two pieces that need to be painted/glued on. I took the right hand from Njal's staff and clipped it off (with much effort) using my hobby knife, and then cut off the elbow and shoulder from a right-handed bolt pistol hand and used some green stuff to bond them together. Hopefully it holds. Finally, seeing as I had a TON of spare banners, I decided to give Odin one. I took the end of Njal's staff and green-stuffed it to a banner to give the banner pole a little more height. Additionally, I used the wolf tail from his staff to: a). cover up my lackluster Green Stuff skills; and b). give it a little more wolfyness.

Hope you enjoyed this first post! If you have any comments, criticisms, ideas to help me out, I'd be much obliged! Thanks!

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