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Friday, October 15, 2010

Email in: BA thunderbubble & 1250 Escalation Tournament BA mech list

"Hey Will,

In what seems to be my never ending quest to find a home for the 2 boxes of assault terminators I have....and I have to admit you have greatly indulged me in this effort and I do appreciate it. So I have been going through some of your articles and was reading up on the Thunderbubble...So after the advice you offered on the dual LRC list, I now have a home for my 10 BT terminators, now I just need to find a home in my BA army for 10 of them. So that being said I have come up with the following list.

Now as I have thought about it, the "fast" feature of the BA mech is negated by the slow moving thunderbubble, and maybe assault cannons aren't the best option on the razorbacks, Lascannnons might be better as they can reach out a bit further than 24in. But either way, this looks pretty typical to what else is out there. Of course the other option to getting terminators into the mix is to teleport them but then you have the unreliability of the where and when. The more I think about it the more it seems that terminators just don't have a place in a BA army, to expensive to run in LRC's as the need to be, and too slow to run on it me, or am I trying to put a square peg in a round hole? Anyway so here is my list idea, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Term Armor
Sanguine Sword
Unleash Rage

2 Sang Priests

RAS in Razorback x 5
Assault Cannon
1 Melta
1 HF
3 ccw/bolt pistols

Baal Pred x 2
assault cannons/heavy flamers/dozer blades

Dread x 2
2 twin linked auto canoons


This is the list I am thinking of taking to a escalation tournament in a couple of months, I want to get to practicing early so I will be ready to go when it starts up. Just to clarify too, the escalation is from 1250 to 1500, but it is not going to be based on the first list, I can bring any list I want for the 1500 and so on, so this will be a specific list with no future changes that will need to be made. I choose the options I have for the list below in prat because these are the models I have, I do have bikes, and a ton more assault troops...anyway it is loosely based on the hybrid list that was posted a few weeks ago. Here is the list

Librarian w/ JP, Shield and Sword would be his powers.

5 RAS 1 melta/ip
Razorback w/ TLAC/hk's (x2)

10 RAS w/ JP's
2 melta
1 pf

1 Sang priest w/ JP

2 Baal Predator w/ HB sponsons/hk's

1 Rifleman dread

What I am coming to is 1245. I think it is decently balanced and should be able to handle most things at this level. If I drop the HK's I can put a power weapon on the priest, but I would rather keep him in the back just to grant the FNP bubble. I also like the idea of HK's as it provides a nice long range alpha strike to take some of the burden off of the dread, I know some would argue their cost, but that is 5 of them....I may be able to free up some points with the HB sponsons, if I am moving 12in all the time they really wont get a chance to fire much. I am still up in the air about them a bit, the other thing that I see that may be a problem with this list, is that it needs to stay close to one another to support each other, this could be good and bad, anyway, I would love to hear your comments.

Thanks in advance,
These are two emails from Ashton which I've combined so a bit of reading there! In regards to your first list and your overall thoughts about Terminators, they are hard to fit into a BA list due to the emphasis on speed BA mech has. Normal terminators w/CML would work better in this regard or simply using the Vanilla codex for a thunderbubble style list. If you wanted to use TH/SS Terminators the best way would probably be Blood Rodeo though this might be an expensive endeavour to grab all of the Bikes to use. Otherwise you could simply deepstrike them as you said and run them as a screen around midfield.
In regards to the list looks solid though the Libby doesn't need Term armor. Obviously expand upon how many RBack ASM squads you are taking and I'd consider dropping the sponsons in the Baals but they are a nice addition when you get up close. You don't need multiple Priests either (if any) since you're hiding in the RBacks though one in Terminator armor for the Assault Termies would be nice.
To the second email... I'd stick with pure mech. I'll say it again but I'm not a huge Hybrid BA fan (except for Koopa's :P) so rather than running the Jumper squad I'd consider adding in more RBack squads (and again less need for the Priests) and try to double up the Rifledreads. At 1250 we should be able to grab 3 RBack squads, 2 Baals, 2 Dreads + Libby and at 1500 you can add in an RBack squad (or two if drop the sponsons off the Baals). It's a more pure mech list variant which IMO is better than a Hybrid list w/o Sang Guard.

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