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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Email in: Awesome blog! [Blood Angels]

"I bought a copy of Codex Blood Angels (which should arrive today, fingers crossed!) and what I would like to know is a) what works in 5th edition? My last game was with 4th and I know much has changed, but I would like to know what kind of units/combos work today b) If possible, could you explain to me (or link me to something relevant) about the competitive builds Blood Angels have. I'm looking to start at 1500pts, I always played at 1000pts or less due to limitations at GW stores but I'm moving to a city where there are plenty of clubs, an excellent oppurtunity to make friends and meet likeminded people (I hope!). So my experience, as it were, is not very broad, so any kind of advice from you or anybody else on 3++ would be greatly appreciated. The move will not be until next year and could be anytime between March-June, so this gives me a perfect amount of time to build an army and gather the necessary funds/resources to do so

Well Anton, the best advice I could give here is read my Armies in 5th posts for Basics and Blood Angels as that will give you a good overview of playing and BA themselves. To your specific questions...

a) a lot. Mobility, ability to hold objectives, flexibility through many units (i.e. unit + transport, maximising FoC, etc.), duality and duplicity and therefore being able to deal with both extremes of hordes and mech spam. For Blood Angels I'd look at the extensive army list collection under Army List Compliation page as there's a lot that works for BA and I think they are one of the most flexible books in making multiple army types (DE will give them a run for their money). Those lists could give you an idea on what you'd like to run.

b) ^ there for lists lol. I'd go for a Jumper list at 1500 with either Devs or VV built around a core of ASM/SG/Honor Guard. BA mech is hard to run at 1500 due to the premium they pay for their tanks compared to regular SM.

That's a lot of info to take in so drop any questions you  have in relevant threads, here or via e-mail and hopefully others will add some more in the comments (*glares*). I'm glad you've found 3++ and like it. Gogo plastic addictions!

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