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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Magnets, Greenstuff and Plasticard + WIP Army shots [Marines]

So some of you know I ordered some hobby supplies yesterday. Well they just came in the mail! I ordered 200x 3mm dia by 1.5mm deep magnets, 30x 2mm dia by 1.5 mm deep magnets, a mixed pack of GaleForce Nine plasticard (9 sheets) and a large tube of greenstuff seeing as I had run out of all of these supplies. This will allow me to finish up my Speeders/Dreads with plasticard as well as perhaps make some Venom conversions and start making more chapter symbols with the mass of greenstuff. Joy. Magnets will be for throwing at passerbys... Anyway, kudos to TheCombatCompany for their fast delivery and check out all the stuff...

Also, sorry I've only really been posting e-mails of late. Catching up (15 left) from the backlog of stuff and prepping some Armies in 5th articles for Eldar & DE. Will try and start those soon as well as finish off the Tau codex review! AbusePuppy, GWvsJohn and myself will also be writing a collaborative effort in relation to the DE codex review but this probably won't be until late November as we work out schedules, etc.

Anyway, I've been working on assembling some of my Marines of late and have 10 Marines + 2 dreads on the table atm which I'm painting but I thought I'd show you some WIP progess shots of the army. Nothing too shiny yet but you can see one of the LasPlas conversions and the hulls of my vehicles lol.

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