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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Email in: Couple of questions [about tournaments]

"Hi kirby.

First of all Gratz on your blog, been reading it for a time know and like the reports, articles, and everything, quite well explained army lists and with the reasons.

BTW i love your blood rodeo army, I'm currently building a diferent one, but with time and money i will build it. Is it actually competitive?

Well on topic, I have a couple of questions, lets see if you can answer them

First of all about the army.

Here is the thing, i don't like, shinny and pulished marine armors, on the other hand, i do like chaosy look. But i do like some marine background and rules, such as BA and Vulkan lists with a couple of dread podding, amster of the forge, vulkan, so when i got my SM codex, i said, ok im buying SM tanks, and making them look chaosy but as my units im ussing chaos SM. If we go into WYSIWYG there should be no problem, they are still guys in power armor with bolters, only diferecence.......the look as the bad guys, and have horns, so i got a couple of chaos rhinos cuz they come with all the chaos spikes, symbols and such, i got a couple of land riders, land speeders, and dread, and some SM ass. temies, to which, i made wholes on the armors, scrapped SM symbols, and have to start to work on some green stuff (on which im not too good, but still). The idea was going to be the whole armie to look acordingly

Then, BA caught my sight, and thinking, looking arround, checking stuff i like i made up something like this.

- Meph.
- Sang priest.
- 5 ASS termies on LR.
- 4x RAS with razorbacks (still have to decide if TL LASS or LASS and TL PLAS)
- 2x Baal predators.
- 1x Pred
- 1x Land speeder

its simmilar to Maguilas angel encarnimes, I even talked to him of what he though of the list (i know meph might not be the most competitive, but for now i wanna run him)

The thing is again, i wanna make them look chaossy, i want my armies to be though as SM chapters who turn to chaos after the black erexy (or however is spelled), so since I have 4 units on razorbacks, i though, what the hell, each of those unit will belong to a diferent god, with its razorback also with that gods colour, some kind of divided (or undivided, I never know if monogod is divided or undivided) army.

Do yo think something like that, four units, each with it's own colors and own models,would be wellcome on what would be GT enviroment, or is it better if the whole army look the same?

I would be using beserkers for khorne RAS, and for the other gods guys some kind of conversions resembling their god,

Also, what do you think of the army? Would you go with Power weapons or Lightning claw in the squads i have points to give them?

And on another topic.

I'm really interested on all this tourney formats so i can try and start applying them here in my area, and also do some translations and try spreading it a bit around here, because, if I may say, tourney here are quite boring. 2 Weeks ago i came 3rd on GW fantasy TOS (throne of Skulls) i don't know if you guys have it over there, i know it's known here in europe, but the system was quite crappy.

so I have a couple of question, that if they would be answered, i would be really gratefull.

1) NOVA and DABOYZ are diferent tipe or tourneys or tourney organization? If so, whats the diference between them to call them either competitive or not competitive?.

2) Does each GT in USA has it's own tipe of scoring system or do they try to be simmilar?

3)I have been reading about all the Indy GT circuit on BoK, what is a that, a lot of diferent grand tournaments? what does indy start for? do any of does share rulings?

I would be really greatfull to get some answer, and explications, so i can understand a little more about things I read on the blogs, and forum,

Thanks a lot for your time "

Lot of questions there! Yes Blood Rodeo works, I recommend reading the How To on it. With regards to your list I wouldn't take any combat weapons on the RBack squads and probably wouldn't take the Terminators/LR at all and spend those points in more Mech (i.e. Predators) but if you want that list fully critiqued let me know. With regards to different colors per rhino to represent Chaos, it's fine as long as it is as close to WYSIWYG and if there is any deviation from that you let your opponent know and remind them. I'm sure pointing out the fluff behind it and having chaos markings will make it fairly obvious to your opponents.

To your numbered questions, and I'm not the best person to answer them so hopefully you'll get more information in the comments (and maybe Mike will come say hi...).

1) Main difference; comp. NOVA doesn't have comp and whilst NOVA-styled tournaments have been labelled 'competitive' it's more like they cater to everyone. If you want to go to a tournament and prove you're the best with the rules GW has given us, NOVA-style tournaments do that based on Win/Loss only but still have a 'normal' tournament with overall scores, etc.

2) Uh, I wouldn't know honestly. I know NOVA has garnered a lot of attention and Mike has a ton of requests to help out others doing similar styled tournaments (see Centurion, Battle for Salvation, etc.) but I wouldn't know if the other GTs have similar scoring patterns or what without doing a ton of research I'm afraid. Mike? Brent? Anyone? Help! lol

3) Again as above; not my area of expertise so hopefully someone else can provide information but I do believe the 'circuit' is a collection of GTs on the East coast of America?

Sorry I couldn't be of more help with the tournament scene but hopefully someone with more knowledge will pass it on in the comments. I am a personal fan of what Mike has done with the NOVA format because it caters to everyone. The gamers and hobbyists a-like whilst providing an amazing atmosphere to play in and I hope Centurion is just as successful but otherwise haven't paid in-depth attention to tournaments overseas of late unless asked to (*glares at Katie*).

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