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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Email in: Blood Rodeo

"Hi Kirby

I'm not going to resort to butt-kissing and telling you guys how great you are (you know that already, right?), but suffice to say that I am a big fan of your blog as I seem to share a similar mentality to gaming and list-building.

I am a Flesh Tearers player [see attached image of one of my creations] and am EXTREMELY interested in your Blood Rodeo concept. I want to field a competitive non-Mech force and love Space Marines on motorbikes! My problem is that my gaming club only really play 1000 or 1500 point games. I can see that the Blood Rodeo is unlikely to work at 1000 points - I simply cannot select the 'core' choices and sufficient unit upgrades for less than 1000, so will likely be using a variation on your Jumper list at that point level. However, you have said on more than one occasion that although you recommend the Blood Rodeo for 1750+ games, it can be fielded at 1500 as a bare minimum.

So can I put you on the spot and ask exactly what you would field in a 1500-point Blood Rodeo list? Below is my humble attempt for your critique:

Librarian. Bike (135) - Blood Lance + either Shield Of Sanguinius or Sanguine Sword
2x Sanguinary Priest. Jump pack, lightning claw (180)
5 Assault Termies. 4x hammer, 1x claws (220) - this set-up allows me to use my Brother Claudio model!
10 Assault Marines. Power fist, 2x meltagun (235) - combat squadded, with a 5-man melta squad running interference
5 Assault Marines. Power fist, meltagun (135)
5 Assault Marines. Power fist, flamer (130)
8 Bikes & 1 Attack Bike. Power fist, flamer, meltagun, multi-melta (305) - combat squadded
4 Bikes. Power fist, 2x meltagun (160)

14 Bikes, 22 Jumpers, 5 Termies
Comes in at 1500 points on the nose.

I feel a little naked with only 2 Priests, 4 Scoring Units and no objective campers; but then you don't need me to tell you how restrictive a 1500-point budget is with this type of army! Would I be better off dropping some upgrades to squeeze in another Priest/more Troops?

Thanking you in advance for your advice

Chris Brighton (aka Mercury)"

No butt-kissing? Alas! I really think Blood Rodeo should be done at 1750 minimum and works much better at 2000+. You need at least two priests and at 1500 considering you need Bikes as well, this chews into your points. That being said I think your list is pretty spot on though I'd combine the two 5-man ASM squads which can give you one to sit on an objective if you wish and frees up some points for upgrades like pistols or another attack bike.

I think two Priests at this points level is fine and scoring in Centurion/NOVA styled missions should be fine (though c&c from BRB will be annoying). 20 FNP marines over 4 squads is pretty good especially when you have the Terminators to bail them out of protracted combats. The libby might be better with shield and sword rather Lance and one or the other. Lance is great but without deep-strike you don't really need the de-castling it provides but you sure do need the S10 from Sword. Shield of course is debatable as you have the 3++ turbo cover but after that generating cover can be difficult for the bikes so it's up to you. Otherwise Unleash is a good option or Blood Lance for pouncing upon enemy mistakes.

And very nice Hulk terminator :P.

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