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Monday, November 8, 2010

Email in: Dakka Dakka Dakka?

With all of the Transports that are gonna be on the table (Dark Eldar, Razorspam, Chimera Walls, etc) I think I found a way for 'Nids to deal with them with assaulting. I am Sure many old school players remember the old "DakkaFexes" and "DakkaTyrants" here is what I came up with.

Hive Tyrant- Hive Commander, Wings, 2 Twin-Linked Devourers-285

2X 30 Hormaguants-Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands-600

11 Termaguants-55

2X 2 Zoanthropes-340
Mycetic Spore-Twin-Linked Deathspitter

3X Carnifex-2 Twin-Linked Devourers-720
Mycetic Spore-Twin-Linked DeathSpitter

(Other options include dropping a fex, pod and Termaguants, Buy another Tyrant so the Second group of Hormies can out flank{I know that the +1 bonus does not stack})[Or drop a unit of Hormies for 2 units of 10 Genestealers and 4 more Termaguants]

One rules mistake: two Tyrants doesn't let two units outflank. I know, it makes no sense, but so sayeth the FAQ.

This list has some pretty severe problems: for one, it has no real chance of holding any objectives, since the Hormagaunts need to be running towards the enemy and the Termagants are only a single small squad. it also suffers from the on-board/reserves split problem: either go all the way or don't if you're doing a reserves army. It's fine to have one or two units in Spores to bring in where you need them or whatever, but having half or two thirds of your army in reserve and the rest on the board is a bad, bad idea.

Above and beyond that, the TL Deathspitter is a poor choice for your Spores' gun; the Venom Cannon is about as accurate and against Rhinos, about as likely to damage the vehicle, not to mention superior against infantry.

Onto the main part of the list- there's nothing wrong with either Dakka Tyrants or Dakka 'Fexes, but relying primarily on them is going to be problematic. For 10pts more than those three 'Fexes, you could have three Trygon Primes instead, which would put out the same number of shots (albeit not TL and S5 instead of S6), but would be 50% harder to kill and devastating in combat. If you are going to use the Dakkafex, you need to take advantage of its ability to get paired up with a Tyranid Prime and/or come in large numbers.

Dakka Tyrants, on the other hand, can be very scary; on foot they are the nightmare of most infantry, putting out lots of shots, throwing around psychic powers, and losing very little of their melee capability (unlike the 'Fex.) Flyrants are, by nature, more fragile and more maneuverable and thus have advantages (ability to get into side/rear arcs, close range) and disadvantages (obvious target, not particularly tough). The big thing to consider when looking at the Flyrant is that you could be running a Heavy Venom Cannon instead. The HVC performs significantly worse against light armor, of course, but can threaten AV12+ and is much longer range, giving you flexibility to land where you need to and to shoot a wider array of targets on the enemy's side.

To broaden the point: even with the influx of Dark Eldar, Dakkafexes/Tyrants are not going to become primary in the Tyranid arsenal. For one, they have a severe weakness: 18" range. Although it may not get the same kind of press, Night Shields (which drop enemy guns by 6" of range) are just as viable an upgrade as Flickerfield is and enable a style of "keep-away" play that many armies can't deal with. Even ignoring that, Dark Eldar as masters of mobility and it is in no way guaranteed that big, slow monsters like Carnifexes will be able to catch them. (The above list can, of course, DS in next to them, but following the initial barrage it is unlikely they will ever get a second shot at it and thus will probably lose.)

Main Thoughts are Deepstrike the Dakka (including the Tyrant) and outflank one unit of Hormaguants, use the Termaguants to Screen the other Hormaguant unit or to sit on the back field objective and deploy the Hormaguant unit off in a corner out of LOS

Pretty straight foward big beasties pop transports on deepstrike and then let the little gribblies eat the insides.

Worst case Scenario the big things have to assualt the vehicles the next turn.

Any Thoughts?

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