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Friday, November 26, 2010

Email in: More Jumpers! (yay) [2000]

"First off I would like to thank you for running a blog which has been both a great source of 40k tactics, and has little to none of the complaining and whin(g)ing seen elsewhere.

Ive been trying to run jumper ba for a while, my first army was very hit or miss. A terrible fluffy concoction. But now I would like to make something much more efficient. The only limits being that the army list has to be effective from a pure reserve format. And I love sanguard. So here is my list at the moment.


2 sanguinary priests-170
Jump pack, combi melta

Sanguinary guard-260
5 infernus pistols, 1 fist,

Sanguinary guard-230
2 infernus pistol, 1 power fist.

Sanguinary guard-230
2 infernus pistol, 1 power fist.

10 assault marines-240
Sergeant with thunder hammer, 2 melta guns

10 assault marines-240
Sergeant with thunder hammer, 2 melta guns


Ill drop dante and a priest with the 5 pistol sanguard squad, so I can ensure having at least one priest on the ground, and the melta death that unit brings is often disheartening. Against a lot of armies too I have found that I can just deploy on the table and fly towards them. Armies like orks, who lack any shooting ability against a list like this, I would rather have all boots on the table to start with. With that said I am not sure what else to add to the list.

I could add a jump libby and 2 predators, either autolas or baal to help me deal with infantry and psykers. I could add 3 rifleman dreads and just whatever. But im leaning towards the baals and libby, any help would be appreciated."

I'd lean away from any mech. They will attract firepower and will get suppressed and effectively be useless. You've got two real options, Devs or VV and since you're running Sanguinary Guard, I'd go with Devs. They can start on the table and give you a ton of bodies (and have FNP from a Priest so be pretty hard to remove) and are survivable enough that the SG/ASM can deepstrike as needed. So other than Devs what does your list need?

More FNP! Only two bubbles for a mobile force moving forward or deep-striking isn't enough. I'd also consider dropping one of the ASM squads all-together as the Devs will be providing anti-horde and bodies both (which the ASM do as well in combat). So let's drop one of the ASM for an HG squad. This will be Dante's new ride which gives you a reliable meltagun unit and FNP bubble. Dante can then split off and wreck havoc elsewhere. This means we can drop some of the pistols off crazy SG unit. We also need another Priest on foot for the Devs and we'll keep him bare and we've then got 410 points to play with.

Each bare Dev squad with 4 ML costs 130 points so we can fit in 3 squads with 20 points spare easily. The lack of a Libby hurts but that's the trade-off you get for the Honor Guard + bodies. Dante can also make most Psykers think twice about casting spells with his silly little rule. You're on 1W psykers, don't get Perils now! hehe. You could drop the ASM to a 5 man squad to grab a Libby but that defeats their purpose of horde control. Instead I'd add some flame templates and get the following:

Honor Guard w/3x meltagun, 2x flamer
2x Priests w/Jump Packs, Lightning Claw, Hand-flamer
3x SG w/PFist, 2x infernous pistols
10x ASM w/2x meltaguns, TH
3x5x Devs w/4x ML

Totals: 2000 points
59 infantry

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