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Friday, November 26, 2010


Hey so I'm another guest author for 3++, yes I am another aussie. We multiply and soon we shall take over the world, be afraid!! You will all be forced into gladiator arena combat with some of deadliest animals in Australia for the amusement of others! The most dangerous combatants include such monsters as funnel web spiders! tiger snakes! and worst of all koalas!!

Isn't it just horribly evil looking??? Sure it's not you? Yes, I'm not cute and fluffy. =P

Now since no one actually reads the about me the authors put up I'll introduce myself again, you may call me Luke(no star wars jokes ]=< If you're not going to call me Father than Master will have to do!) or Kuolema, doesn't really matter which, you have most likely seen me around in the chat box. I don't really take the interest too seriously(I hear it's bad for your health =P) but I'll try to be a little serious when I post articles with actual content in them(which means not this one). So what will I be writing about you are probably SOOO interested in by now? Not more articles about comp in aus D:!? No, don't worry I won't bore you all with how sucky comp in aus is or actually anything 40k related. As some of you probably guessed by the picture of that awesome gunslinger above the evilness that is a koala, I will be writing up articles on warmahordes. No you do not get a cookie if you actually read the about me and already knew that. =P

What war machine stuff will I be writing about? Well to be honest I don't know yet, got to wait for brolo to e-mail me back. I can promise I won't torture any of you with my horrible painting skills thou, I will mostly focus on how to get into the hobby as well as several tactical articles as I go along. Currently I haven't attended any of the major warmahordes tournaments but after I move house next year I'm hoping to change that, might even be able to do up some battle reports but everyone knows how bad guest authors are at keeping promises made in their first posts. We make politicians look reliable. =P

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