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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Email in: Nipple Jumpers; 1700 points

"Sup Will,

Well as the title says; I'm looking for a list containing Dante + 2 or 3 Sanguinary squads at least. Some other guy builds it, but I help with the list. The preferance would be all Jumpers, instead of Nipplehammer or some other variant; at least if thats viable. And there lies the problem because I'm feeling like points might just be too low for a competative build...

This is what I had in mind myself:

Dante 225
Libby - Jumppack, Shield + Lance 125
Honour Guard - 3x MG, Jumppakcs 195

Sanguinary Guard - 2x infernus pistol, powerfist 230
Sanguinary Guard - 3x infernus/plasma pistol, powerfist 240
Sanguinary Guard - 3x infernus/plasma pistol, powerfist 240

Priest - Jumppack, Lightning Claw 90
Priest - Jumppack, Lightning Claw 90

Fast Attack
Vanguard vets - Jumppacks, 4x SS, 2x LC, 1x meltbomb 265

1700 exactly.

Now the thing which bothers me the most is that there is only 1 Vanguard squad. But I dont see how I could change this without weakening the list more by dropping something to get a 2nd. Another thing are the infernus pistols in SG squad 2 and 3 (as Dante can of course join the other one). 6" is just horrible shortranged and as this list doesnt really have any redundancy in it we thought it might be wortwhile to go with Plasma pistols in those squads instead... Of course they are worse in every respect, except the range; but we think the range might be crucial here. Even with 1d6 scatter you'll be often outside of 6" and then some PP shots on the side/back of a vehicle, light transports or for wounding MC's isnt bad at all. Well at least its better than nothing :P
But maybe you got some other ideas on it.

So; possible competative? If not; might Nipplehammer work better at this points level you think? We/he rather goes with a pure Jumpers list though...

Cheers, Jacob"

Your analysis is spot on there Jacob. At anything under 2000 points, using special characters like Dante or Logan can be difficult to balance as your Troops become even more expensive. Bloodwing based lists already have issues with popping tanks on the drop and adding things like double Honor Guard can really help with that. Problem is this chews into the points.

I think your best bet is dropping the Libby, LClaws on the Priests and VV and trying to squeeze in another VV squad or Honor Guard squad for either more melta or more delaying units. I wouldn't go for plasma pistols at all, even with FNP on the SG. Losing one model to a gets hot roll is just silly.

If you were willing to go a Hammer style list, I think that would be a much better alternative; still not great at 1700 but a better alternative. Replacing the VV with two small Dev squads with 3 missiles and dropping the pistols on the SG to 2 each should also leave you enough points for a foot Priest. If you want a 3rd squad of Devs you can replace the Libby with another Dev squad as well. I really would recommend these type of lists at 1700 and rather use a Bloodhammer list with SG support in Elites but if your friend is set on Dante I think that's the best bet.

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