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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Email in: Scaling Blood Hammer to 1500

<- Thanks fester

"Hi Kirby

What do you think about scaling blood hammer to 1500? I've come up with the following from your 2000 point list:

Librarian w/ blood lance + shield, JP

Honour Guard with 3 melta guns, JP

2 Sanguinary Priests w/ JP
Sanguinary priest on foot

10 Assault Marines, 2 melta guns, power fist, JP

10 Assault Marines, 2 melta guns, power fist, JP

5 Assault Marines, melta gun, hand flamer, JP

3 x 5 devastators + 4 missile launchers

1500 on the nose

Too thin on bodies? Too many heavy weapons on the devs?

Cheers for your thoughts!!


Bloodhammer works fine at 1500 but in the list above you've got too many FNP/FC bubbles (4) and not enough killing power. 4 ML in small Dev squads is fine in terms of unit setup and fire suppression and helps out with anti-tank in relation to the ASM meltaguns. 20 FNP marines is also very solid at 1500 points so we can drop the half man ASM squad to try and access more killiness. This only leaves us 125 points though but we've still got too many bubbles so we'll drop one of the Priests w/JP in favor of an SG squad. Drop an ML from each of the Dev squads and you get a PFist and 2 infernous pistols for them.

This increases your combat power and still leaves you with 3 FNP/FC bubbles whilst quite a few meltaguns and MLs. An altnerative is replacing the HG with the SG which frees up your FNP/FC bubble mobility (but also only IC status) but loses a bit in terms of meltagun firepower on the drop.

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