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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Email in: Small game hunting. 1000k Tyranids

"Hi Kirby,

First of all, I must say I dig 3++ and Your articles. A lot of enlightement came from here since I started to follow You :)
As for me, I'm going to take my chances in our group's first tournament. Since our group is quite young, we decided to play 1k format. It may not ba as competitive as 1750+ but this will make more players come and play. By this we want to make W40K more popular in our club (most ppl play WFB). Until now we were playing small games like 750-1000, learning rules and trying units. Now we want to warm things up a bit :)

Ok, here's my list. I think it's scaled down popular on foot approach, but I can't say, how scaling down to 1000 pts will affect this list. I read Your article about 1k games, it was very insightfull and I tried to cut any 'luck' rolls (played a lot 2xZoans in single spore for 'in case' till then, well I was lucky more than less but tournament is just another case). As far as I know, I'll be facing mainly CSM and Orks with few transports, but can't say what else might come by ;) Ok, let's go.

Prime LW+BS, TS, Devouver, Regen 115

3 Warriors Pair BS, Devouvers, Venom Cannon 135
10 Termagaunts 50
10 Termagaunts 50
Tervigon Cluster Spines, Onslaught 175

2 Hive Guards 100
2 Hive Guards 100

Tyrannofex Rupture, Cluster Spines, Larva 265

990 pts, 30 models, 2 MC

Ok, main idea is to control one objective and contest the other with Tervigon + Gaunts while harassing enemies with Warriors with Prime. HG and TFex come in the back line, screened by Gaunts/Warriors while shooting everything tougher/vehicles. If annihilation will be played, I'll form a strongpoint with Warriors and Prime to intercept any capable combatants and shoot everything up with the rest of army.

That's my plan, it's simple, I know ^^
any opinion on that?

PS: Sorry for poor ortography, english is my second language.


Glad you like the blog and getting into 40k! More players is always good :). The list is solid and balanced in terms of being able to deal with other lists. There are some upgrades you are missing but has the core basics there. However, I feel the T-Fex might be better replaced with Carnifexes. You can either try to run two Fexes but that means dropping the Warriors and you still don't have the points for any upgrades so a single Fex with 2x TL-brainleech Devs should be fine. This obviously doesn't give you the ranged firepower of the T-Fex but you don't really need S10 at 1000points and the 48" of the T-Fex isn't going to come into play much on a smaller board.

This saves you 75 points and means you can get some upgrades. The most obvious one would be putting adrenal/toxin on the Tervigon to buff all of your Termagants. You'd have just enough points for another Warrior then which makes that squad a bit scarier and the Prime can go with either them or the Fex for a Fexstar. However, Regen is also a very viable option instead of the extra Warrior on the Tervigon and/or Carnifex. At 1000points there won't be that many armies which can gib an MC in a single turn so you'll likely get quite a lot ofuse out of Regen. Also adding upgrades like Adrenal Glands or Toxin Sacs to the Warriors to make them more impressive in combat is an option.

Essentially downgrading the T-Fex to a Carnifex keeps 2 MCs and changes the type of firepower (medium strength, more accurate and more shots) to free up some points for some important upgrades and whatever else tickles your fancy.

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