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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Discovery of a new Codex: Dark Angels

My Kind of Terminator *hubba hubba*
Yeah, I know, welcome to 2006, right?

Well, you all may have seen my efforts to build a decent terminator list.
Result: "interesting" is the best response I have gotten so far... with a hint of "you are an eeediot stimpy!".

So, Sneakydan suggested I roll back the sands of time and have a look at what the good ol' Terminator 'Dex has to offer, Dark Angels.

So, lets look at the list that I came up with, and analyse a few old 4th ed nuances that might let us actually make something of this codex.

Firstly, the thing that we all know of, Deathwing Terminators.
What's the go here?
Take Belial, special character, and they can be taken as Troops as well as Elites.
Second, The Ravenwing. Take Sammael and you can take Bikes and Speeders as a Troops choice, as well as Fast Attack.

Well, I am interested in Terminators, so that choice is fairly simple.
This is where it got interesting for me. What do you think would be the price of a HQ that allows Terminators as Troops in a 5th Ed codex?
Let's see some examples:
Logan = 270 something (Wold Guard)
Pedro = 160 odd (Sternguad)
C:SM Bike Captain = 125 (bikes)
Dante = 275 (Sang Guard)
Belial = 130.

So really, CHEAP as CHIPS.
Why is he so cheap? Well, the dude is basically a Captain Grade Terminator(2+/5+) with a Master Crafter Power weapon, or a crap-tastic TH/SS, or dual LC.
So, really, its a 130pt tax to take terminators, assume he will kill nothing but himself.

Right. So the Deathwing Termies themselves.
Similar in price to a normal squad, but can mix/match setup. Cool! However, the SS's only work in CC and are 4++... so almost not worth it. Oh, and the Cyclone Missile Launchers are only Heavy 1.. Uhhh...
Cost difference C:SM to C:DA = 5pts more expensive in C:DA

Anyway, So I crack 3 of these babies in my list.
What else is cool these days...
Speeders, Rifleman, Dakka Preds.
3 AC/DCCW Dreads, 2 HF/MM Speeders, and 2 Dakka Preds.
Cost difference C:SM to C:DA = 10, 5, 10pts more expensive respectively.

Hmm, so then I have some points left over, and should plug some more Troops in... Add Terminators?
Nope. Remember this is a 4th Ed Codex.
5 Tactical Marines w/ Meltagun in a Rhino.
Yay for old codexes with Combat Squads! I want 2!

So the list looks like this at the end of the day.

fester's Dark Angels - 1750pts.

Dreadnought Autocannon, DCCW
Dreadnought Autocannon, DCCW
Dreadnought Autocannon, DCCW as per comments, too many Dreads!

Deathwing Terminators, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Chainfist
Deathwing Terminators, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Chainfist
Deathwing Terminators, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Chainfist
5 Tactical Marines, Meltagun, Sarge w/Plasmapistol, Rhino, Dozerblade
5 Tactical Marines, Meltagun, Sarge w/Plasmapistol, Rhino, Dozerblade
(Plasma pistol means I get 2 no-save/no FNP shots out the top hatch)

Fast Attack
 Land Speeder, MM/HF
 Land Speeder, MM/HF

Heavy Support
Predator, Heavy Bolter sponsons
Predator, Heavy Bolter sponsons

Let's rate this for 5th Ed:
Mobile: Check (Speeders, Rhinos, Deep Strike)
Melta: Check (Speeders, Rhinos)
Suppression fire: Check, Dreads, Dakka Preds, Termies
CC: Half-Check - Terminators
MSU: Check
Not too many KP: Check, 15
Rating? Who knows.

Anyway, I think it is an interesting concept to look at some of the older codices and think about the design decisions made at that time and try to leverage something a little more from the codex.

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