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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Email in: time sensitive Marine/Black templar request: 1500 pts for specific purpose

"Hey Kirby, it's Me again. I've got a local group that I play with from work, and we've got a game coming up tomorrow on Saturday. The game is going to be set at 1500 points, but the catch that messes up my regular list design is the scenario we will be playing. The board will be 9 feet long and 4 feet wide, with 6 players deploying lengthwise facing each other. There will be 3 players on each team, set up across from each other. In the middle there will be 3 objectives, evenly spaced (each between the deployment zones of the 2 opposing players). Each team can score victory points in a couple of ways: Starting at the end of each team's second turn, the number of scoring units that have an objective (as per BRB, within 3" with no opposing models present) will generate 1 victory point for their team. If that player has an HQ model in either that unit or also within scoring range, that team instead scores 2 VPs. If any player eliminates an opposing HQ choice, they score 3 VPs for their team. The turns will be rolled for as normal, including starting/seizing and when the game ends. Each army has a mandatory 2 HQ choices.

My question is, what do you recommend taking for this unique style of play? I was imagining either a parking lot of plaserbacks and such pelting out enough firepower to allow a librarian in a rhino to score the objective. Alternately, I could see a duel landraider list simply zoom up and park in front of it, giving me the chance to hold the objective and prevent the HQs inside from getting fragged. Teammates will be decided randomly, and lists will be revealed simultaneously so no sort of tailoring or team strategy can take place beforehand. What would an all-comers list for this scenario look like, and how could it operate effectively?

If you can help, thanks. If not, thanks anyways for having such an awesome blog and helping blokes like me when you have the chance.

Thanks a ton,

A parking lot is your best choice with whatever codex you go with and then a bubble-wrap combat unit to place in front of the objectives and hold-up units that try to get to your parking lot on the objectives. Problem is going to  be killing power as you obviously don't want to cater towards the scenario so much that your army can't kill anything. At this points level I'd be looking at 3-4 LasPlas RBack squads, a combat squad of some sort (i.e. big BT squad, Terminators, TWC, etc.) and some Dreadnought/Predator support (Long Fangs if you end up using Wolves). You want to basically pack as many guns in as possible around the combat bubble-wrap and LasPlas squads you  have sitting on the objectives. Put in 2 cheap HQs (double Libby, EC + cheap Marshal, etc.) to hide in the RBacks and go from there really.

Have a good game!

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