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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mech Marine Centurion list change?

Was running through some scenarios through my head and just putting this on paper; lack of an anvil/anti-hammer/etc unit. This would obviously take the form of TH/SS Terminators but then be very akin to the Thunderbubble list which wasn't voted favorably. Would need to drop a Dreadnought obviously and a Speeder plus shave 5 points somewhere (which could be problematic) which drops two vehicles from the army and therefore makes it unlikely I can add combis/HKM if needed unless I drop two Speeders. However, it does give a rock hard assault unit which means I can be more aggressive and have some extra defenses against hammer units/MCs/Dreads/etc. Thoughts? or keep with pure Mech if I roll with this list?

The list would look something like:

2x Riflemen Dreads
5x TH/SS Terminators
2x10x Tacs w/flamer/MM/Rhino
2x5x Tacs w/LasPlas RBack
3xMM/HF Speeders
3x Dakka Preds

1755 points

Otherwise dropping a Speeder could enable Mech Marines look like this:

3x Riflemen Dreadnoughts
1x10x Tacs w/flamer/combiflamer/MM/Rhino
1x10x Tacs w/meltagun/MM/Rhino
2x5x Tacs w/LasPlas RBack/combiflamer
3xMM/HF Speeders
2x Dakka Preds
1x ACLC Pred

1750 points

Anyway just some food for thought on this slow weekend!

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