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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Day Hobby Day

I apologise for a lack of MDHD last week, I'm sure you all noticed and I almost as sure it's absence ruined your day??

I didn't get any pics sent in, so I've had a trawl of the internet and got a bit of a hint from Kirby to bring this week's episode.

As per usual we'll take a look at some work from the blogosphere and some random pics I've found about the place.
Kirby's 'suggestion' was a shout-out to Roleplayer. You've probably all seen his stuff somewhere about the interwebz and his stuff is particularly striking. Although not a member of the blogosphere (that I know of; he's on the blogroll and you don't know of his blog...shame) per sey, he displays his work on a huge thread over on Dakka Dakka (and a few other forums I know of). Really nice crisp finish to his work and some very nice conversions. The thread linked has been running for over 18 months and displays some great work on his Blood Ravens.

This week, I'm sending out props to Roleplayer. A nice pic displaying his progress as a painter.

I particularly like these guys...

For some random pics, I'm going to recommend you all go and take a look at Yellow One's (hmmm.... is yellow the new pink?) work over on CoolMiniOrNot. His work is sublime, some finest on the interwebz.

Here are a few images to wet your appetite.

So that's it for this week. As I've said, I'm really keen to get some piccies sent in from our readers. Next week I'll try for some more hobby/tutorial orientated content.


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