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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aussie Tourney in May: Event Horizon

This is a quick email from Loriness as I'm busy today I'm afraid. I'll put up more thoughts on this later and Ithink fester will as well (BTW Loriness, if you don't have a logo yet, please make one so I can put it up :)).

"As promised, I can now confirm a new tournament in Sydney 28/29 May 2011.

Event Horizon
1850 points (40k)

Hornsby War Memorial Hall - next to Hornsby RSL Club
2 High Street,
Hornsby, NSW 2077

This is similar to a NOVA style event, so bring your friends as I look to fill all 64 spaces."

Main difference between this and Centurion/NOVA is full KP are used rather than VP like NOVA or 5 chosen KP like Centurion. More info can also be found at:

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